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New versions of Pen Spinning mod - Waterfall Pen Stock edition.

Buster Waterfall: https://penstock.net/buster-waterfall-pen-stock-edition-yellow-wg-4

Waterfall Memory: https://penstock.net/buster-waterfall-pen-stock-edition-orange-wg-3

Waterfall CT: https://penstock.net/waterfall-memory-pen-stock-edition-orange-caps-1

Waterfall mods Pen Stock edition expand line of one of the best pen mods out there with 3 different versions. Gentle momentum, big variety of color schemes with cool spin effect.

3 versions are made on 3 different barrels, which you can see in their names. All are available on penstock.net with a cheap and fast delivery to any country of the world, from me with love.

Waterfall Memory on Memory S body has Big working space, good momentum combined with medium weight, which makes it a good find, if you are looking for a pen mod for power style, but don’t really want to deal with hard to control heavy mosters. Fits all the needs of beginners and pro pen spinners, who want to spin long pens.

Buster Waterfall Pen Stock edition is a bit shorter with almost the same weight. Made on Crayola ST body, a copy, of course, that’s why it has different colors for every taste. As it is a bit shorter it is easier to control, length is within golden range. This pen mod is something between Waterfall Memory and CT version. I would also say, that it is something between Flying Panda and original Waterfall. Feels and spins better, than Flying Panda, but worse, than Waterfall. Very good for beginners and intermediate pen spinners.

And finally – Waterfall CT. A very light pen mod with gentle, but still a very nice and gentle momentum. If you want to train your style, flexibility, but still want a pen to actually spin – you know, usually light pens are easy to control, but hard to spin, this is not this case. If you are tired of a heavy pen mod, if you like light mods in general – this is an absolute must have in collection. After using Waterfall CT Pen Stock edition, you will never look at Metal Comssa again. Yeah, I would rather compare it with Metal Comssa, than Waterfall. Very good for intermediate and pro pen spinners.

I don’t know, which one of them I like more or less, all three versions differ a lot from each other, all three are good balanced, weighted, fit my style. What do you think? Which one of them do you like more? Poll in the card, let’s find that out.

 Maybe you already have one and made your opinion – than write it down in the comments below. It is always interesting to find out.

My name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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