ThumbAround Reverse: https://youtu.be/d32ufaR9QIs

The easiest basic Pen Spinning trick for some and one of the hardest fundamentals for others. I will show you several techniques, which will let you get it fast and easy.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and after watching today’s video, I think, you will learn how to do ThumbAround.

During this trick a pen turns over Thumb, who would have thought, after you  push it with your Index, Middle, Ring or Pinky. I will show you how to do it with pushing with your Middle finger, after that with Index. You can do it with pushing with Ring finger and Pinky using the same conception, as for doing it with Middle.

The first way to make this trick looks like this.

Make this kind of Victory sign with your hand holding it Palm Up – straighten up Index and Middle fingers, bend Ring and Pinky, now place your pen mod or a pen, you can do Thumb Around with a simple pen as well. Place it on Index and Middle so one of it’s sides would be lying on a base of Index and Middle would hold it closer to it’s another tip.

Now press your mod with Thumb, this finger is between Middle and Index fingers, maybe a bit closer to Index. This is going to be an initial position. Index and Middle fingers are straightened. Index a little bit more, than Middle, Ring and Pinky are bent. You can also hold a mod in this position with a Ring finger, without a pen it would look like this.

Keep your fingers relaxed, don’t tense them, it is important for doing tricks with a pen.

To do Thumb Around you will need to push a pen mod with your Middle and at the same time move Index away and slightly press a pen with your Thumb. It looks like you throw a mod over your Thumb with your Middle finger. As well you need to lead a pen, so it would turn over base of the Thumb.

It is important to adjust a force, which you apply to a mod by Middle finger, so spend some time on doing this trick and don’t be afraid to drop a pen, that’s the only way you can do this trick – actually do it and don’t be afraid to drop a pen a lot.

After you see your mod turned over Thumb, press it with your Index finger.

OK, another way to do Thumb Around differs very slightly. You bend Index, so it’s tip could touch a pen mod closer to it’s cap. Thumb presses a mod to Index closer to the same cap. All the other movements are the same – you push a mod with your Middle finger and at the same time straighten Index, moving it away, so it wouldn’t interfere pen’s movement over Thumb.

Another variation of initial position looks like this – you keep your fingers straight. One of tips of your pen lays in Thumb Flap, it’s other side lays on your Ring finger. Middle finger is above pen mod’s body. You make pushing by Middle finger and move Ring and pinky together with it.

You can choose any way to learn how to do Thumb Around, can combine them a bit. For example, first and 3rd way – would look like this. Whatever you do  - just make a pen turn over your Thumb, it looks way harder, than it really is.

And now – you do Thumb Around by pushing your mod with Index finger. It is a little bit more difficult and would use concept of the 3rd way of learning this trick.

You place your mod on Middle finger and cover it with Index, it should be a bit above and behind your pen. Thumb is closer to a cap, tip of Index at the center. Now bend your Index finger together with Middle and push a pen mod by this movement, let it turn over Thumb at the base of this finger. And as you see a pen mod goes behind Thumb, straighten Index to let it move and when it finishes the trick, squeeze with your Index again.

Right down in the comments below, which way of doing Thumb Around you found easier for learning. In the first comment to this video I placed a link to a post about this trick on Spinbol.com – special place for pen spinners, where you can show, how you do Thumb Around, ask questions, if you have problems with it and help other beginners, if you have already mastered it.

To get a pen mod, like this, from me – go to penstock.net, where you can find a lot of different stuff, needed for Pen Spinning, yeah, you need some equipment, if you want to learn, how to do such things. Fixed low price for delivery all over the world to any country within 2 weeks.

Other tricks you will find in a PlayList on my channel – link in the description. I wish you good luck with it, my name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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