4 basic tricks with a pen, take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the four fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning – ThumbAround, FingerPass, Charge and Sonic. Today you will learn how to do these tricks and what is even more awesome - at the end of the video I will also show you, how to combine them in a one really cool movement – a combo. It would blow minds of your colleagues and friends.

ThumbAround - 3 Ways to do. Basic trick in Pen Spinning: https://youtu.be/ad9HpOXeBTc

FingerPass: https://youtu.be/8DH9plk7mf8

Charge (and Continuous): https://youtu.be/XddJ_YiNyJI

Sonic Pen Spinning: https://youtu.be/qTdb8sYkD6w

4 basic tricks with a pen, take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the four fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning – ThumbAround, FingerPass, Charge and Sonic.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning, and today you will learn how to do these tricks and what is even more awesome - at the end of the video I will also show you, how to combine them in a one really cool movement – a combo. It would blow minds of your colleagues and friends.

Let’s start with ThumbAround. It looks like this and to do this trick, put your pen on Index and Middle fingers like this and press with your Thumb closer to one of its tips. Middle finger is at pen’s center. Now to make a trick you need to push a pen with your  Middle finger and take Index finger away at the same time.

While pushing, lead your pen over Thumb at its base. You need to make movement, as like you throw a pen over it. Focus on adjusting force, which you apply by Middle finger and make sure to move Index away in time to let a pen pass above it.

If you have problems with doing Thumb Around – follow the link in the description and watch a separate video with 3 different techniques of learning it.  Choose, which one fits you better and just learn, as thousands of people already did. Thumb Around is a simple trick, it would take you about 1-2 hours to get and about 2 hours to master.

The next trick will take you much more time to master, but getting wouldn’t take you long either. FingerPass – the first trick for most of Pen Spinners. I also started with it.

Take something longer, than an average pen. It would be great to have something longer, than 20 cm and you’d better add some weight at both ends for a better momentum.

If you have a pen mod, like this, for example, doing tricks will be much easier. You can get one on penstock.net  - specialized shop with different pen spinning stuff, which I will deliver to any country of the world – doesn’t matter, where you live, delivery is cheap and fast.

Take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers, Middle is a bit above, so your pen lays on your Ring finger, Index is raised. Now press your pen with Middle and raise Ring finger to , a pen would lay on Middle. At this point press it with Index and keep on pushing it leading the finger under Middle. A pen should lay on Index.

Raise Ring finger, at the same time lowering Middle and the rest goes like this.

If you keep practicing it for quite a long time, you will be able to do it smooth and really fast, but a few people do it intentionally. At the beginning it is OK just to know how to pass a pen from one slot to another – much easier and much more useful. There are much more awesome links and combos in Pen Spinning, than just this combination of passes – remember, I will show you one today as well.

But doing FingerPass from time to time, helps to warm up and is a good way to practice, when you don’t want to drop a pen somewhere, while doing more difficult tricks.

The next fundamental trick is Charge! Like a drummer trick, right? What they do with their sticks to look even cooler.

To do Charge you’d better grab something pretty heavy and long. At this point having a pen mod would be really helpful.

But you can also find something long enough and add some weight at both sides of your tool.

So take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers athwart to a floor, their position should look like this – all fingers are relaxed, bent, Middle is above Ring finger, so it presses the mod to it. And Index is away, above all of the rest fingers. Now straighten fingers, Ring moves a bit faster, than Middle and at some point you need to change their places. You straighten fingers fast enough, try to like push a pen up with your Ring finger, it should raise above Middle and Middle goes under Ring a bit and then back.

Without a pen it looks somewhat like this. You move fingers a little bit up and down, above and under each other. Focus on the circle motion of your pen.

Probably, it is the hardest trick of all fundamentals – hard to get and hard to learn. There are 2 steps for learning Charge, I showed both of them in a separate video, as well as the way to do this trick continuously, like this – check it out, it helps a lot!

And the last, but certainly not least, the trick, which is a base for a huge amount of filler tricks in Pen Spinning – Sonic. It looks like this. A pen goes from a slot between Ring and Middle fingers – 23 to a slot between Middle and Index fingers – 12 – behind your Middle finger.

To learn how to do Sonic trick with a pen, you’d better already know, how to do Charge – but in fact it is not that crucial. There are some people, who have learnt Sonic first and Charge later somehow, I am among them, by the way, lol.

Take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers in the same way, as when you did while doing Charge – Middle is above Ring finger and presses a mod to it. Now straighten fingers, pulling Ring finger further up, and instead of raising Middle finger – let it stay low. You need to throw a pen on your Middle finger by pushing it with your Ring finger. This way you throw it from slot 23, and to not to let it fly away, you need to connect Index and Ring fingers in this kind of lock.

So you bend fingers, remember to keep them relaxed, then you straighten them up, Ring goes faster and further, than Middle, you need to try, like, throw your pen with it, keep Middle down and connect Index and Ring fingers in this kind of lock and let your pen go from slot 23 to 12 behind your Middle finger.

Again, you can find a more detailed tutorial for this trick on my channel – I will leave all the needed links in the description under this video on YouTube.

Learning ThumbAround and Sonic would take you 1, maximum 2 evenings for each tricks. Charge would need about a week, maybe, a little more, or less, and FingerPass mini-combo – ETERNITY!

 But as you don’t really need to make this mini combo fast and smooth, to make awesome beginner combos you just need to know how to do passes one by one - it would take you less than 30 minutes.

And now we are coming closer to the fun part, at last – how to combine all of today’s tricks in a one cool looking movement, which instantly puts you on the honor roll in each company. Yes, by the way, I have several videos of easy mini-combos with simple pens in a playlist – check them out as well, especially if you would manage to learn today’s stuff.

I will show you how to do a mini-combo, using all of today’s 4 fundamental tricks with a pen. Of course, again, if you want to take it more serious and want to learn it faster – get a pen mod from me on penstock.net, like Ivan Mod, Flying Panda or any another from the best shop for pen spinners – the best proportion of price and service, which thousands of people have already checked. But I guess, you can use a simple pen for that as well, if you are hardcore enough.

This basic mini-combo looks like this:

Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23 – Charge 23 – TA T2

Yeah, those words right here – it was a breakdown, the way we, pen spinners write our combos and, what’s more important – read other’s, you can find out more about how to read it in a video about basics and terms in Pen Spinning on my channel as well – check the description section under this video. Actually, you can find a lot about Pen Spinning on my channel.

Each combo consists of links and the first one for this one is Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12. First you take your mod in 34, it lays on Pinky, Ring covers it and presses to Pinky. Now raise Pinky, push a pen with Ring finger and do Pass to 23. When you cover a pen with your Middle finger, keep on pushing it further, at the same time raise Ring finger, bumping a mod and connect Index and Ring fingers in a lock, needed for doing Sonic. This way you will link Pass 34-23 with Sonic 23-12. Practise this linkage for awhile, before moving on to the next one – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23.

Right after you do Sonic 23-12, at the same time as your pen lands between Index and Middle fingers, you need to quickly lower Ring finger. Your pen moves to 12 and when it lands there – keep on pushing it with your Index till it goes under Middle athwart to it. Then you raise Ring finger and grab your mod in 23, at the same time bend Index, so it wouldn’t hinder pen’s movement, right? And when pen passes it – straighten this finger again.

It would be a linkage Sonic-23-12 – Pass 12-23. Practise it for awhile and after that repeat whole this part.

Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23

Now we need to connect Pass 12-23 with Charge, it shouldn’t be difficult, though. You do pass 12-23 and when you raise Ring finger – keep on bumping a pen with it to throw its tip away and do circle motion. When you do pass 12-23 your fingers are bent, when you pass a pen to 23 they are in a good position for doing Charge between Middle and Ring fingers. So if you have mastered Charge, this link would be a piece of cake to make.

When you are done with Charge, when pen makes whole circle in slot, you need to Thumb closer and push a pen to Index with it, bend Ring immediately and push a pen to make ThumbAround.

Of course, at first linkage Charge 23 – TA T2 would look chopped. Like you do Charge first, then stop a pen with your Thumb, after that do ThumbAround. You need to practise to try to make it smoother, reduce pause between those 2 tricks as much as you can. For that at this point, when you do Charge, but haven’t done whole circle, you can try to already get prepared for ThumbAround, start to bend Middle finger a bit and bend Ring finger much. Make sure you press a pen with your Thumb by the time you move Ring finger away.

Remember, there are a lot of more detailed video tutorials on my channel to make your learning much easier and more joyful. If you want to get a pen mod, but don’t know, which one to choose – watch videos about them with full revews or summary tops of the best options for beginners.

What to do next, after you have learnt fundamentals – go to spinbol.com, special place for pen spinners, where you can talk to others and play pen spinning games with them.

My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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