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Baaron DC

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22.5 cm
14.5 gr
Good For Beginners
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
Manually made
Pen mods may differ from pictures
19.25 $
In stock: 382 pcs

Baaron DC will definitely be a good choice for a pen spinner of any spinning level.

It is perfectly balanced, does exactly what you intend to do with it.

It has marked center and ends, which makes learning of new elements even easier.

It is long with huge working space, which allows you to make mistakes and fix them on the fly.

Momentum is awesome. It’ll be hard to find another so light pen mod with such a great spinning ability.

And weight, of course, makes it even cooler, because you can easily perform all kinds of tricks with Baaron DC.




I feel love
Emmanuel Jidu
I love pen spinning.
But I don't have pen mods

I have already learnt the fundamental tricks and a couple of linkages.

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