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FingerPass Reverse Tutorial


Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning, and today I will show you, how to do FingerPass Reverse, one of the basic tricks with a pen. It looks like this. Your pen goes from one slot to another in a continuous movement counter clockwise, if done with your right hand.  

Actually, as well as Normal variation, Reversed FingerPass  is not quite a trick, it is a mini combo, which consists of several simple tricks – Reversed Passes, but it is often called a trick and it is very basic, so don’t bother.

To do FingerPass Reverse, take your pen mod closer to its center between Index and Middle fingers, in slot 12. Fingers are relaxed, a bit folded, as usually. Now you need to raise Ring finger much and almost at the same time – Index a bit to tilt your pen. As it lies on your Middle, lower your Ring finger, for a moment position is going to look like this – a pen is place between 3 fingers. Now you raise your Index and push a mod with your Ring finger. Don’t lower pinky together with you Ring, let it stay straight.

That’s going to be a one Pass Reverse 12-23.

Now you need to link it with the next Pass Reverse – 23-34. Keep on pushing your mod with Ring finger, at the same time raising Middle a bit, so your mod tilts over Ring. Lower Pinky and your mod is between 3 fingers again, yes, now you need to keep on pushing it with pinky and raise Middle. But not too much, and also – you need to lower it pretty fast right after that.

You keep pushing a mod with your Pinky till it goes under Ring Finger athwart to it. At this moment your Middle should already be down, under your mod. Raise Middle, bend pinky and repeat the same movements passing a mod from slot between Ring and Middle Fingers to Middle and Index – from 23 to 12.

 As well as for Normal FingerPass, I wouldn’t recommend to try to master this mini-combo, just do it from time to time. But if you want to learn how to do it smooth – learn it very slowly. Also try to keep your mod at center – more it shifts to one of its caps – more chances to drop a pen. I have a detailed explanation of doing FingerPass continuously in the video about its Normal variation – don’t forget to check it out, if you still haven’t and apply the same conception to master FingerPass Reverse.

Show your result on spinball.com – there is a special post about this fundamental trick in Pen Spinning - Finger Pass. Post a video there, ask questions, if you have some problems with it. I wish you be patient and you will do everything you want in Pen Spinning. My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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