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You can buy a premade modified pen for pen spinning. World famous penmods were designed by the best pen spinners and pen modders and assembled by professionals. Ready to be used helping your imporovement in art of pen spinning. Well-made penmod will provide you effectivness and fun. Watch the video about the TOP 5 recommended pen mods for beginners

All pens are available in different color schemes to fit your taste - choose the colors on pages of mods.


Spare parts


Everything what a pen modder needs is gathered in this section - grips, tips, bodies, ring, tapes, caps - all the spare parts for making the mods by yourself or changing existing penmod according to your will. Experiment, creat new pen mods or copy the famous examples with the help of different tutorials. PenStock will provide you everything you need for it.



Everything what a pen spinner may need is collected in this section - spinning carpets, pen cases and boxes, bracelet, holders and many other things connected with pen spinning.