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How to choose a mod for Pen Spinning

How to choose a pen mod on Pen Stock. Video tutorial

Don't know, which mod to choose? Watch these videos:

Welcome to penstock.net – a Pen Spinning shop with delivery to any country of the world. This tutorial is divided to several parts, each of them replies to a certain question, I get them frequently and decided to make a tutorial. SO first of all we need to choose a pen mod.

For that we go to this page – PENMODS and look at all available pen mods for ordering. Here you see prices in USD, those are reference prices, they will convert to your currency automatically.


There is a big variety of different pen mods, each of them has it’s own advantages, disadvantages. Each of them spins and feels differently and is made for different purposes.


Right here you can see filters, which would help you to make your choice. You can let it show you only the most popular pen mods or the ones, which are good for beginners.

If you already know, which one you want to get, just type its name in the search field. If it is in stock, you will see your pen mod.


Now you can pick up any of these pen mods and choose color.


If you want, you can open a page of this pen mod to know more about it, watch a video and other photos of a pen mod. Than we press the button and add it to a cart.

After that we go up and press the Cart button to see, what’s in there and checkout.


That’s it for how to choose a pen mod. Inside your cart you will find a video about how to proceed the order.