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Pen Spinning

Dorian LED - Pen Spinning mod review


Wonderful, beautiful, a very good alternative to LED EST mod – these Dorian LED mods – is what you need, if you want a trippy spin for a mid-lower price. Dorian LED seems to be a great golden mean between expensive LED EST and cheap Twilight mod.

All Pen Spinning tricks for 5 year.


All Pen Spinning tricks, which I have learnt in 5 years, as I have started to learn tricks with a pen at 28 of September 2014 - so here is the summary  of tricks, which I can do

Your choices. Buster Waterfall and Flower v5 test. UPSF-old-farts, are you SERIOUS????

pen spinning

Today we will look at the results of voting. As you remember, in the last video, when I showed applicants for the main event of this year in the whole Pen Spinning world, I divided them into 2 divisions – the 1st one – those, who most likely will pass through, the 2nd – those, who have less chances to take part in Spinbol Cup, but still have them, if we get enough applicants.

Basic trick - FingerPass Reverse. Easy Pen Spinning Tutorial.


I will show you, how to do FingerPass Reverse, one of the basic tricks with a pen. It looks like this. Your pen goes from one slot to another in a continuous movement counter clockwise, if done with your right hand.  

Actually, as well as Normal variation, Reversed FingerPass  is not quite a trick, it is a mini combo, which consists of several simple tricks – Reversed Passes, but it is often called a trick and it is very basic, so don’t bother.

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