Basic trick - FingerPass Reverse. Easy Pen Spinning Tutorial.


I will show you, how to do FingerPass Reverse, one of the basic tricks with a pen. It looks like this. Your pen goes from one slot to another in a continuous movement counter clockwise, if done with your right hand.  

Actually, as well as Normal variation, Reversed FingerPass  is not quite a trick, it is a mini combo, which consists of several simple tricks – Reversed Passes, but it is often called a trick and it is very basic, so don’t bother.

How to do Sonic - Basic Pen Spinning Trick


Two steps to learn how to do a basic, fundamental trick in Pen Spinning – from basic concept to mastering the trick. Today I will show you, how to do Sonic - beginner trick with pen.

Simple Trick FingerPass. Pen Spinning for Beginners.


You want to know all the secrets of Finger Pass – one of 4 fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning. Easy to learn, not very easy to master. At least one pass you will be able to do in 10 minutes, maybe even during this video, but to be able to do all of them – that is going to take you some time.

Easy Pen Spinning trick - Warped Sonic tutorial


Today I will show you how to do Warped Sonic. If you already know, how to do Charge and FingerPass, learning it is going to take you less than 20 minutes, if you don’t know them – go and check video tutorials, I have them on my channel, links in the description.

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