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2 PRIZES. What I will giveaway in June 2019


What I am going to draw in June 2019. You know, there’s going to be a drawing at the end of this month, right? If you don’t  - don’t worry, little bit later I will tell, how to get involved.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning and today I am going to show you, what exactly you can win at 28 of June on an online stream on my channel. Exclusive stuff and very useful at the same time.

So first of all it this Ivan Mod, the first Ivan Mod, which I made by myself at the beginning of September 2018, as a first try. It also appears in a video tutorial about how you can make Ivan Mod by yourself. For now, the only pen modding tutorial on Pen Stock, lol. It turned out well, I haven’t spun it much to keep it new, Just a couple of times took it in hands.

For some time I was thinking about placing it in shop, but then decided to keep for a special occasion. And here it is – the first drawing among those, who help pen spinning grow. That’s a decent goal, and this is a decent reward to a lucky one.

The second prize is also a bit exclusive. It is one of 2 specialized clutches for pen mods, where you can keep this Ivan and several other pen mods. There are also several cells for keeping other stuff, like, credit cards, keys, your ID’s.

You know, if you are a pen spinner, you need some case to carry your mods with you or to keep them somewhere. And this clutch was made exactly for that, you can see a sign, that it was made by pen spinners for pen spinners. It is a good quality case, but it’s cost is really big, so I don’t put these cases in shop and also wanted to keep them for a special occasion.

The second I will draw later, maybe next month, maybe after the next – would depend on how this drawing is going to go.

So 2 prizes at once in this month – a pen mod and a case for it. Good set to fight for. I will attach a short personal congratulation on a piece of paper to make winning more exciting.

And now a few words about how to win these prizes. Get a Spinbol Token on penstock.net – shop for pen spinners – link to it you can find in the description. It costs 47 US cents, which go directly to development of spinbol.com – world of Pen Spinning, which is supposed to be a nice place to be for all of us.

And if you take token together with other items, like pen mods, accessories, spare parts – doesn’t matter – you just add it to cart and proceed placing order as usual.

But if you pick up just token or several tokens – doesn’t matter, while proceeding an order you need to choose a Visa/MasterCard as a payment method, otherwise we will return your payment back to as PayPal can’t send such small amounts as 50 cents or even a dollar.

Each Token takes part in a drawing, so more you take – better chances to win you have. But first of all, remember, friend, this is a great contribution to pen spinning. I am going to make awesome changes on Spinbol, if we raise enough funds for that. Hopefully,at some point we would have a great place for all pen spinners and hopefully it is going to help to popularize our beloved hobby.

Share this video with your friends, more we raise – more prizes I would be able to draw and faster the games would develop and become more interesting and useful. In the description of the item – Spinbol Token, you will find all the additional information, including Roadmap. Where I listed all the changes, which I want to make on spinbol.com in the nearest future.

I am Alex Sukhov, I think you know that well, as you have watched this video till his point. May the style be with you, bye!


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