You want to impress your friends or people around, I mean, completely blow their minds. You wanna make them say “What the hell?” and know, that 98% of them are not going to be able to do anything so simple and complicated at the same time ever. Here are 3 almost magic tricks with a simple pen, combined together in one movement. And here are the Tutorials of the tricks, used in this video 1 trick with a pen -

How to do Figure 8: https://youtu.be/diT0wT7scfQ

How to do Sonic trick in Pen Spinning: https://youtu.be/lNeTo-uUd2k

How to do ThumbAround - basic trick in Pen Spinning: https://youtu.be/kQx_45IGWCw

So, you want to amaze your friends or people around, I mean, completely blow their minds. You wanna make them say “What the hell?” and know, that 98% of them are not going to be able to do anything so simple and complicated at the same time ever.

I often use this trick whenever I want to impress a person in front of me, it works most of the time and adds a tiny cool looking details to impression I want to make on people.

Yeah, and also it is something to busy out your fingers and yourself when you are bored, just passing the time with pleasure and with use, mastering the trick with a simple pen wherever you are and whenever you want.

OK, no more extra words, let’s get started, it is going to be a looooong journey to ruling the world, and first of all this is how the trick looks.

Let’s say, you need to sign a document, or right your telephone number on some girl’s card, you take your pen: “Oh, that’s a wrong side, I can’t write, holding a pen like this!”

People around begin oohing and aahing, grab their heads, one of them falls into a faint, you raise your hand calming everyone down and do this

Wiper 12-23 -> Sonic 23-12 PD -> TA

Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? No, just kidding, this looks really difficult, but awesome, most of cool things are difficult, otherwise everybody could do them and they wouldn’t be so awesome.

And now – here is how I’ve done this, look closely and try to repeat.

First of all take your pen by its cap side between Thumb and Index finger, close to its end, so the bigger part with writing ink would look up, like this. Hold your fingers firmly, but don’t tense them. Wrist turned Palm Side, the rest of your fingers are also relaxed, Middle is up a bit and Ring with Pinky are a bit down, you will need some space for pen to go and land on your Ring finger.

So you may straighten Middle and bend Ring and pinky a little, the main thing is – Ring should be under your pen.

 Now make a sharp movement with your hand forward and back, at the same time loosening a hold of your fingers. Tricky thing here is to adjust grip of your Index and Thumb, so pen could move freely between them and at the same time wouldn’t fall on a table.

When pen goes down, it should land on your Ring Finger, and when it will – put your Middle above it, so now the pen is between Ring and Middle fingers.

Now turn your hand Palm Down and get ready. That’s the point where most of you, guys, are going to rage quit and leave more fresh air for the rest.

You need to do this movement. When your pen landed on Ring finger and was placed between Middle and Ring fingers, position looks like this – Ring finger is down, under the pen, Middle is up – above it. Pen is athwart to fingers with writing ink looking aside, away from you. You hold a pen pretty much close to its center.

You need to do pretty sharp movement with 3 of your fingers. Ring should go up, like throwing your pen up, out of fingers. At the same time Middle should push pen down, so they switch places together, and as you may see, pen flies away from your hand. You also need to try to adjust force, needed to do this movement. If you practice for awhile you could make pen spin on your Middle finger, like this. It would be helpful, but would require some time to be able to perform confidently.

I will show you a more simple way to continue the trick. So when you throw pen away, while letting your Ring go up and your Middle – down, you will also need to raise your Index and connect it with your Ring, like this. It would lock up your pen.

What you need to do is – throw the pen over your middle, so it would land in slot between Index and Middle fingers. Try to do this for awhile and if you feel there is still a big with doing it – go and watch a video tutorial for Sonic trick in Pen Spinning – link in the description under this video. It would give you more clear idea of how to do it easier. Sonic – remember, I have a really detailed tutorial for this trick on Pen Stock. Anyway it is going to take you at least 1 hour – minimum, if you are a hidden genius in Pen Spinning and didn’t know that so far.

Look, at this point you hold a pen between Index and Middle fingers, at its center, with ink looking away from you. Index is above your pen, Middle is placed under, Palm Down, just like this.

Now turn your wrist Palm Side, and as you do it, bend fingers a little closer to Thumb and also move Thumb closer to the rest of them, under the pen.

You can practice this movement for some time from the part when you hold pen between Ring and Middle to the part when you turn your wrist Palm Side.

As you can see, this is pretty close to writing position, probably we can try to write something.

“No, that doesn’t work, that’s just dumb! Alex, what the hell? I went through so much pain trying to learn all this sh and now I can’t even write a single word properly?!”

Don’t worry, pal, here goes the fix. So you hold a pen this way with Middle finger under it. Make sure to place Thumb closer to the cap of the pen. Now you need to switch places of you Index and Middle. Index goes up as Middle grabs your pen and you are left in such a position. Now all you need to do is shift Thumb even closer to the cap, almost to the end of the pen, push pen with your Middle finger at its center just as if you were pressing the trigger and at the same time push it with your Thumb.

You need to turn the pen over your Thumb.

Without a pen this movement of your fingers should look somewhat like this. Again, the tricky thing is – to adjust force of your pressing, so it would be enough for the pen to go around Thumb, but not too much, so it would stay within your hand.

If you stuck at this point – go and check out a separate video tutorial for ThumbAround trick in Pen Spinning on my channel – Pen Stock – link in the description under this video on YouTube.

And as you see, now we are good to write, pen is in writing position, audience applauses, somebody here and there whistles and cry bravo. Just like we all wanted it to be.

Again, you should remember, that percentage of people go would manage to go so far with this trick is extremely  small, even if you share this video with your friends, which I totally recommend you to do right now, if you still haven’t done that yet for some weird reason. So even if you share it, they would go like WTF?  More than 98% will never be able to do it, to get pleasure of process, take part in games and competition, not because it is very hard, it is just for certain amount of people in the whole world. A very small amount of people actually.

So we are the chosen ones, magicians. Just shy of 4-5 hundreds year ago they would want to put us on fire, thank’s God we live in such an enlightened age, when people can spend time playing Fortnite and learning tricks with pens, by the way it has cool mental bonuses and develops your fine motor skills, in contrast to Fortnite.



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In this video I’ve showed how to do the trick with a simple pen, and frankly speaking it is not that simple as it is with a pen mod with a good length, weight and balance.

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I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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