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4 Basic TRICKS WITH PEN. Pen Spinning for Beginners.



Hello, spinners!

Alex Sukhov is here. In this video I want to recap all the basic information, which I gave you in previous videos. If you want to know more about some of what I would tell here – check out links on suitable videos in description below on youtube.

First of all – let’s talk about fundamental tricks, which are: ThumbAround, Charge, Sonic and Fingerpass, which is actually a mini-combo not a trick, don’t insult militant oldfags calling FingerPass a trick. Why are they fundamentals? Are they the easiest tricks with pen?  Do they represent all fields in pen spinning?

These questions you might ask, if you are curious enough, and I will reply you with great pleasure – no, they are not the easiest ones, there are tricks in pen spinning, which would take you much less time than these 4. They don’t represent all fields in pen spinning, well majority of them, but not all – as there are some tricks, which have nothing in common with any of them. They are considered to be fundamentals because these 4 elements  provide useful foundations for basic technique and concepts.

They are fairly easy to learn and help new pen spinners to get used to pen, understand, that there is no magic in all these moves. Fundamentals are pretty important to begin with, as they also build sturdy foundation of your future experience.

As I began my way in pen spinning I had no questions regarding ThumbAround, Charge and Sonic – those are single tricks, which underlie many tricks and I can see it. But why the hell do we need FingerPass – a combo as a fundamental, expecially when this combo is impossible to master at the beginning, right? Sure, passes are used very often in many tricks and linkages, shouldn’t we just stick to them separately without connecting to each other?

FingerPass, my friends, has a very important role. It gives you concept of combos, which is very meaningfull, as many pen spinners can do separate tricks, but don’t have idea how to connect them in proper linkages. Also, it pushes you use all your fingers, while other fundamentals may let you forget about Pinky. You don’t want to do that, though, you need to use and train all fingers, remember that.

That’s why besides fundamental tricks in slots, which I have showed in my videos – remember – each of them has it’s own video on my channel – you need to learn them in all possible slots, don’t neglect this need.  Also you have to know reverse versions of these tricks as well, and sooner you start to learn Charge reverse – better for you. I know a lot of cases, when noobs didn’t want to learn it and after half year their combos suffered from monotony.

This way we can calculate that fundamental base is not so small as it seems from the first view. In total I counted 17 tricks which you need to know at the beginning of your journey to O-Pen Arena. Correct me if I am wrong in comments section on youtube.

So, that’s what I have to say about fundamentals. Well, at least for today, as there are so many things and questions about them in fact.

What else did I want to remind you about. Of course – if you don’t know what slot is, or what reverse means – check out my video about basic terms in pen spinning, you definitely need to see that so we could understand each other.

To learn pen spinning you need to have a special tool – a modified pen, or penmod, which you can order in my online shop – penstock.net with the delivery all over the world. I also made a video with TOP 5 penmods for beginners, you’d better check it out too, if you want to make a good choice. Sure, there is my opinion, based on a great experience with many different mods. My opinion is my opinion, you might disagree with it, anyone has right for his own opinion – so many opinions. But you need something to start, without that your opinion would cost nothing.

 The top 5 are Flying Panda, Waterfall, Dr. AC, Ivan mod and Travel mod – each of them has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, as any mod does – believe me, there are very few really bad famous mods in pen spinning and no ideal, at least I haven’t found it yet.

So if you want to know more about this TOP – yeah, check out the video, also go to playlist with different mod reviews on my channel as well.

I wish you good luck in pen spinning. Let me know if you like this video, share it wherever you can – remember, spinner, there will never be too many PS’ers, we are very few, let others know about our underground hobby. May the style be with you, bye.



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