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The BEST Beginner Pen Spinning Mods? Flower Mods.


Which mod should a beginner in Pen Spinning choose? Here are gathered 4 so far best factory made pen mods. The only possibility to gather a good beginner starting mod set, which is going to fulfill most needs for a low budget. Flower mods are available on Pen Stock with delivery to any country of the world: https://penstock.net/shop/search?s%5Bname%5D=flower TOP 5 Recommended Pen Mods for beginners: https://youtu.be/-TFdyPSsudA ____________________________________

4 best low-price factory made pen mods so far, which in addition have crazy sale-offer for beginner pen mod set, at least for now. Just watch the video, I will tell you more about it closer to the end. And yeah, by the way, I am going to leave a discount coupon for 10% for each of these mods somewhere in this video in gratitude for your attention, don’t miss it.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock and today I am going to show you the best choice of factory made mods. The only possibility to gather a good beginner starting mod set, which is going to fulfill most needs for a low budget. And I really can’t stop spinning them!

Alright, let’s get started with the 4 best factory made pen mods. I don’t really know how to call them, as in fact they are not modified pens, they were meant to be like this from the very beginning. Factory made mods… Fac Mods? Can I say fac mods in a video or in real life? Fac… mods…

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Today’s mods are: aggressive Flower V1…, crazy Flower V2…, fancy Flower V3… and gentle Flower V4. Oh yeah, they are really hot, new word in Pen Spinning, and I am going to tell all pros and contras  of them. Well, it is going to be pretty superficial review. There are 4 equally decent mods and I can’t devote much time for each of them, it would take too much time.

And by the end of this video I will tell you which one of them is my favorite and why.

First of all – all of them are writable mods, so you can use them as actual pens, which is not common in Pen Spinning, but is frequently found among particular factory made mods – DARN IT! Let’s just call them FM mods or just FMM, FMM’s… it is so annoying – to say “factory made mods” each 10 seconds in a review of factory made mods.

So, writable, all have 2 colors of ink from both sides – red and blue. And you’d better be able to recognize the color of ink with the naked eye before using them as pens. Especially if you are up to signing an agreement with President of your country with it. There are no markings showing which side you hold to write on a paper, so you easily can begin to write with red ink instead of blue.

Does anyone even use red writing ink except teachers? I can’t recall a single time when I thought to myself – where is my red pen? Never! I can be totally fine without them in my life…

As you can see Flower v1 and v4 look pretty much the same, they are Flower Twins. Just v1 has more of these Sailor Gel-like grips to compensate for shorter DGG-like grips and in addition it has these Anyball-like grips. They definitely got inspiration from Manually made mods, and I like it. Other FMM’s usually say– “Yeah, well, we’re gonna build our own mod with blackjack and without all those fancy spare parts you got used to in your Pen Spinning Community”, and usually they suck.

No, I definitely like that these mods are gathered from spare parts and it doesn’t matter that they are cheaper copies to lower total costs of the tools. Mods spin fine, unexpectedly fine for FMM’s. You can actually feel that they were designed by people, who understand Pen Spinning and know how pen mods should sense and look.

V1 and v4 have very solid printing on their bodies, very solid. I was trying to erase it for some time and nothing happens to body, that means mods are going to look new for quite a long time.

V2 and v3 don’t have printing on bodies, but they have inserts. Oh that passion for making plateresque things. They just couldn’t make minimalistic design, without any drawings and inserts, could they. Though, actually Flower v4 does look pretty minimalistic, all this tracery in pale color are not so clearly discernible. V1 is made much more contrasty, all colors look explicit, drawing is much more clear, whatever you prefer.

In fact, designs of all 4 mods are cool. They look just like Double Capped mods should actually look. I especially like v2’s design, it reminds me of Watefall and doesn’t have these semi-round plugs in caps, which is my only concern about v1, v3 and v4’s designs, Zhigao garbage legacy…

In all other aspects they look way better, than all other FMM’s, and I mean it – all the others look much worse, though it is probably a matter of taste in some measure.

Also, look here, it is metallic end. Cheap metal, but still others have only plastic and robber as materials. And v2 is the only one of all 4 standing out with metal ending. In addition to the thinnest body of all 4 Flowers these ends give it crazy momentum even with writing ink inside. I think, Flower v2 is the only mod, which can spin good with ink inside. At least I haven’t tried any better.

What I also like in it – expressed center, it is very handy when it comes to learning new elements and tricks in Pen Spinning, most of which require you to hold pen in a certain way. You can always be aware of right execution. And right execution leads you to better effectiveness in study.

3 of Flowers have large working space, and at the same time edge of body and cap is defined, so you can easily practice different Arounds with them and all the other tricks, which are sensitive to position of your fingers.

But my favorite mod is suddenly – Flower v3. It is like a bomb. Probably the best FMM so far. At least among those, which I have spun, and I have spun quit a lot! It spins really nice, barrel feels good in hands. It is pretty thick, as Emboss body, as v1 and v4’s body, but not as slippery as them, it grips with fingers just like  I want it to grip. The body feels better than all of the others from today’s review.

What I love the most is its spin effect – look how beautiful it is. It reminds me of Menowa Emboss, outstanding spin effect, these grips blink like they are some kind of fireflies.

All 4 mods are good in different ways and give unique experience and feel out of spinning. Even Flower Twins – v1 and v4 spin differently. Holding v1, I want to spin aggressively, use Power and maybe aerial tricks. When I take v4, I calm down at instance and want to practice smoothness of my moves. When I take v2 – I want to learn new tricks and elements and v3 makes me mess around with great esthetical pleasure and with a lot of fun. They all definitely worth checking out.

As I promised before – here goes the coupon for lifetime 10% discount from PENSTOCK.NET – just type “flowerfmm” and get your discount for each of these mods. But there goes even better offer, which is not going to be lifetime, I guess.

So a set of these mods will fulfill most of needs of beginners in Pen Spinning. And if you order 4 of these mods, guys, on PENSTOCK.NET with the fixed price for delivery in all corners of the world – wherever you live, you will get the stuff from me. Recently we got Visa/Mastercard payment method in addition to PayPal.

It doesn’t matter in which combination you want Flowers, you can order all four versions, which I actually suggest you to do, it is much better to have several different mods to spin, especially at the beginning, than having one really good and expensive pen, or take 4 different colors of one of them.

You get 20% discount! To my mind it is a crazy sale-offer, completely insane, and I don’t know how long it is going to be valid. Maybe manufacturer just wants to push sales a bit, promote these mods, make people know about them. Flowers are becoming quite popular nowadays and that’s understandable, I guess, in the nearest future they are going to be in each collection, so maybe the offer would be cancelled in a while.

Or manufacturer could cancel their production, that’s also a possibility. Do you remember Travel Mods? I spoke about them in a video about TOP 5 recommended pen mods for beginners. Well, they are now not available and it seems, never will be ever again. Most likely they are gone for good, were so popular back those days…

But right now you can order Flowers on PENSTOCK.NET with this huge sale discount. Maybe for some of you it is not a big deal, but as for me 20% discount for penmods is like a gift, like they just give them totally away. These FMM’s are already pretty cheap, cheaper than most of the mods, comparable with Travel Mods, and for such a small amount you get a solid starting collection of mods or a great boost to your existing collection.

And if you liked this video – let me know about that by leaving a like. I suppose you have already left it, as I asked at the beginning of the video. Well, if you haven’t – no it is the time. Also, if for some reason you are not subscribed to Pen Stock – immediately do it, if you are up to Pen Spinning.

May the style be with you, bye!




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