Controversial, but interesting combo, which was performed bad, but is interesting to make out. Today I will show you mistakes of spinbollers, how to fix them, and we will break down this low intermediate combo.

Game from the video: https://spinbol.com/takon/89

Twisted Sonic Linkage: https://youtu.be/8SJ9Mn_s2bk


Controversial, but interesting combo, which was performed bad, but is interesting to make out. Today I will show you mistakes of spinbollers, how to fix them, and we will break down this low intermediate combo.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning, and today I want to breakdown a linkage, which was made in one of the games on Spinbol. I will show you how to link some tricks in this combo, so you could repeat it. This particular game was 1 star, so it is for beginners, it has already closed, the winner is claimed, but you still can check it out by clicking the link in the description under this video on YouTube or just in this video.

I will show you some mistakes, which were made while doing this combo, so you could try to avoid them in future and also I will show you how to fix these mistakes.

So, Cargo starts the game with Shadow 12-23, which is already not correct, as for 1 star games this trick is not allowed, according to current rules, on which you, guys, don’t pay attention, unfortunately. Though if you would, it would make everyone’s time on Spinbol more enjoyable, I thinkJ. Alright, if you want to post not Basic tricks in 1 star games, at least leave 0 star games for beginners ONLY, only for fundamentals and basic tricks. And if you make a game, make sure you put at least 1 star to it. 2 stars would be preferable. It also will give you 2 points for each turn instead of one, if you post in 2 star games!

OK, so Cargo starts with Shadow and Paradox adds Twisted Sonic Bust, which is also not for 1 star games. To make this linkage you’d better take your mod closer to one of its caps with the bigger part looking away from you and make Shadow to 23, focus on landing your mod in 23 also closer to one of caps with the bigger part away from you again. As it lands in 23, use residual inertia from Shadow to begin Twisted Sonic. So when your mod is changing slots down Ring Finger a bit, and as mod touches Ring finger athwart to it, raise the finger to initiate Twisted Sonic.

Cargo continues, adding ThumbAround. As you can see, he makes linkage sloppy, very close to foul. The biggest pause is between Shadow and Twisted Sonic, little less between Bust and ThumbAround. That’s a common link, very handy, as after Bust pen mod is in a good position for doing ThumbAround with push of your Index Finger. So it would be correct to write TA T1, don’t write ThumbAround, shorten it just to TA.

 By the way, this trick, I mean TA, doesn’t leave a lot of ways to continue the combo – after it you can do ThumbAround Reverse or FingerLess ThumbAround Reverse. GerMer06 suggests to make Neo Sonic Reverse, and it is also a good way, you can do it in T1, T2, T3, which is going to be tricky. That’s for low-intermediate links, of course more skilled guys on 2 and 3 star games may do Double TA or Palm Spin as well.

So, Neo Sonic Reverse – not a bad choice, but next time also mark slots. And the way he makes a video is for 0 star games, that’s a foul. You can make sloppy combo, but it still needs to be a combo, not a trick after a trick thing. You should get a little bit more skilled, practice on lower level games first, otherwise later your turns are going to be deleted.

So here are 2 tips for making this link smooth:

  1. Catch mod in T1 after TA, not in Thumb Flap. Focus on this movement, so your mod touches Index as close to its center, as it is possible. Practice this catch first, before you go further.
  2. And second - prepare Middle in advance, so when pen turns over Thumb, when it touches Index, Middle should already be raised to not to interfere mod’s movement over Index.

OK, fifth turn, Ninja Spinner makes predictable Twisted Sonic, this execution is fine, even though I hate to see Zhigao in his hand. For better readability you can also start each word with capitals and shorten Reverse to just Rev.

To make this link just give your mod enough inertia while doing Neo Sonic Reverse.

GerMer06 again, and again this is not acceptable. Please go to 0 star games, because this is fail. Especially when you add your trick after a big pause. It looks like a bunch of separate tricks right now. Also you need to write slots, guys, and palm position, so we could read this combo by BD. And also it is not quite Double Charge, it is more like Twisted Sonic – Twisted Sonic Rev. – Twisted Sonic.

To be able to perform this linkage better, you should change your wrist position from Palm Side to Palm Down right after mod gets to 23, so it would move pretty much in the same direction even though you have changed tricks from going reverse to normal. Because basically that what you do, Double Charge is a link of Twisted Sonic and Warped Sonic. So you do Twisted Sonic after Twisted Sonic Reverse. Look closely and change position, I have a separate video about how to do it nicely, if you feel you don’t get it, watch tutorial, that’s a very useful hint to change direction of pen’s movement.

Cargo, as you see, there is a point to keep up with the same games, in which you have already taken part before, as the combo, in making which you took part would be easier to execute than a completely new one.

Very sloppy exec, the first 3 tricks are connected terribly. And as you can see, there is this gap in the previous linkage. That’s because Cargo doesn’t change wrist position and makes these moves with Palm Up.

How it should be done – you can see here, just organically do Double Charge Palm Down and after that Sonic 23-12 – also Palm Down.

OK, we move on, because this linkage is not difficult at all and here we see this guy with a self-mod, made out of 2 scalpels on a barrel. This is what you gonna have if you make self mods and try to progress in Pen Spinning with them. Exec is fine though, but too bad most of the combo is out of frame. For this matter I use sefli-stick to film turns for Spinbol. Not always, sometimes I just want to make turn, somewhere and feel lazy to go and pick up this helpful thing for every Pen Spinner, it really helps to film good combos.

As I can see, there is ThumbAround T1 instead of FingerLess TA, as asdfghjkl claims. OK, guys do these trick with Palm Up, it would be easier to do FL TA after Sonic if we make these tricks Palm Down, but you can do this link Palm Up as well. Though it would look less smooth.

Skilled pen spinner can do it nicely, but in untrained hands it looks crappy. In general, I think changing direction of pen’s movement in a combo in such a barbarian ways, which are shown in this game, ruins flow.

Anyway, what we do is Sonic 23-12, landing a pen with its cap in Thumb Flap, after that begin to move your hand for FL TA at the same time releasing a mod from 12.

Now Elo makes his turn, exec suffers a bit, actually, a lot at this moment – between Tw. Sonic Bust and TA, it is a foul. The rest of the combo is sloppy, but it’s OK. Elo adds FL TA Rev, which makes this mini-combo – Sonic 23-12 -> FL TA -> FL TA Rev – look interesting,  this FingerLess ThumbAround makes sense, when you change direction of pen mod’s movement with each trick, why not?

And finally we are at the last turn, which wins the game, the guy with the scalpel mod. This exec sucks ass, both ThumbArounds are obviously not FingerLess, though the first one he added by himself and ending is completely ruined, he just fails to catch mod after Reversed TA, stops then just makes Twisted Sonic Bust, coming out of nowhere. Despite of changing direction again, this time it is too much, when it was about previous mini-combo, FL TA Rev made it look interesting, but the Tw. Sonic Bust, this time it just doesn’t work in this combo, that’s why this guy won the game, because it is not that easy to make it smooth, and if you add a trick – than at least your linkage, for your turn you have no right to make it sloppy, because that’s you, who adds it, and if you can’t do it properly, than why do you think others would be able to.

In future, guys, which has already come, by the time I release this video, such turns will be deleted and spinbollers would lose points for violating rules.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not mad, not even angry, I don’t blame… this guy, we are all learning, discovering and trying on early days of Spinbol. I just want you to pay attention on what I suggest and the game would be much fun for all of us, if we would stick to some rules. Rules build civilizations! If you can’t play 1 star games without pauses, play 0 star, they are for beginners, rules there are much less strict, than in the games with stars.

Though you know what, you can make this combo look better, you can connect FL TA rev with Twisted Sonic Bust. It could still be interesting, if you spend some time on this linkage and I regret missing this game and not taking part in it, just lost it out of sight and found it out, when it was already closed.

Look, when you do FL TA Rev, you catch your mod in 23 at this position, Palm Side, at its center, maybe a little bit closer to a cap from you side. Then you make Twisted Sonic, and when pen changes slots you turn your hand Palm Down to do Bust. It would look nice.

I liked this game, it was fun to follow it and I appreciate all the participants and of course congratulations to this guy, change your f….g nickname, man. I know it was torture to make this combo, but you know, you are going to be better and better, playing Tak-Ons would be easier and you would move on to higher levels and bring more challenge to each of us. These linkages, made, by this guy, were made terribly, but they could be done smooth and if you learn them, it would diversify your spin.

If you liked this video and want to see me breaking down other games – let me know about that. Of course, subscribe to the channel, if you are not subscribed yet, join us on spinbol.com, we are going to add conversations as well, as soon as I will be able to do it, lol.

Share this video, let others know about our little underground world of Pen Spinning. I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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