Hello, spinners! Alex is here, you are on Penstock, channel about Pen Spinning and today I want to make a comparison of 2 super-mods for smooth and stylish spin – great Ajisai Comssa and Emboss Playcolor2. I hope this video would help you to make your choice, at least one of these pen mods has to be in a collection of every pen spinner. By the end of this video you will know which of them I have chosen for my collection and why and also you can poll for the mod which you like more closer to the end of this video.

Both pens have Emboss caps, Anyball grips in them and Signo Tips. Per se, they have nothing else in common, but despite of different weight, length and bodies, they have a slight similarity in spin. Or it’s only the way I see it. It appears that caps and tips play a very big role in spinning. They seem to be able to make feelings of spinning of 2 different pen mods more similar, than barrel. Tell me what you think in the comment section.

Ajisai Comssa is 22 cm long and its weight is only 12 gram. Emboss PC2 is 8 mm shorter – 21.2 cm long and 2.5 gram heavier. It is a pretty big difference – 2.5 gram, nevertheless Ajisai Comssa has significantly better momentum, though both have killing momentum, better than some heavy mods.

The main difference between these pens is in barrel. Ajisai has Comssa body – light and slim, so slim, that Emboss cap sits too freely on it and as time passes it may shift to the center. After about a month or so of using Ajisai Comssa I noticed that it became significantly shorter than before, it has lost more than 1 cm of length, and that influenced on both – spinning and appearance of the mod.

Of course you can easily fix that by simple pulling the cap back. Probably you also can put on more tape on the plug or make it stickier.

Emboss PC2 doesn’t have such problem. It has PlayColor2 as a barrel, you may know it just by name of both mods – Ajisai Comssa, Emboss PlayColor2. That’s a very nice body – it feels nice, made nice and also mixes with some of the Emboss caps, as you can see.

At the same time this body is heavier and takes some momentum from the mod. Due to design property Ajisai Comssa can have 4 additional sections of Anyball grips on both caps and stay in light mods segment. It is a great advantage against today’s opponent. They add really good momentum and customization options.


Plus they are good for doing wipers. After all it is not so comfortable to do wipers with bare caps – fingers slide willingly and of course it becomes easier to drop the pen. While with grips fingers cling to mod much better.

And if you would add grips to Emboss PC2, it would cross the line between light and average weighted mods. How it would  affect spinning? You can find out by yourself, just take Anyball grips together with the mod on penstock.net – specialized shop, where you can find everything for Pen Spinning. I didn’t check that out, just used to trusting professional pen modders, especially regarding TOP mods – famous and admitted.

But if you feel call of modding, if you want to experiment with mod design and check what happens if you use Faber Tips instead of Signo, for example – welcome, in section with spare parts on penstock.net you will find what you could possible need.

So, have you already figured out which mod I choose from these 2? Yeah, Ajisai Comssa – this one is one of my main mods for about 1 or 2 months now, you know, I often change main mods, as every pen spinner should do from time to time. Especially if you have not so much time and want to get MAXIMUM effectiveness out of each pen spinning session.

Ajisai Comssa is easy to control, it is one of the lightest mods, at the same time it spins great as well and you can do power tricks with it comparatively easy.

It must be admitted, however, that Emboss PC2 is elegant and very good looking mod. It can add much more smoothness to your style and can teach you to control pens better, due to its slightly worse momentum. I mean, it spins great, but not that great, mod doesn’t spin by itself as Ajisai Comssa, you have to add some effort.

Emboss PC2 has its charm, it is more for the soul, to spend time with pleasure, freestyling  and messing around. It is nice to feel, to hold, to spin and to look at, too.

Well, the choice is up to you as always, I have just told you my personal opinion, if you have the same, or another point of view on these mods – let me know in the comments on YouTube. Also right now you will see a poll right here – choose one of today’s mods and we will see, if audience agrees with me or not.

Till next video. May the style be with you, bye.


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