Playlist with basic tricks with simple pens - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81iPZ-L71bI&list=PLPlQkCzfLNJCIkKeRsBPaz_SkzqnrENun

3 Basic Tricks with a Pen. AMAZE your friends - https://youtu.be/81iPZ-L71bI

You think you can’t do it? You are wrong, it is not that hard, as it looks, and by the end of this video you’re going to know, how to do these awesome tricks with any writing tool you have in your hand.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning, art of doing crazy magic tricks, which is fun and looks awesome. Actually, this is a second video about tricks with a simple pen, if you haven’t watched the first one – go to a playlist where video tutorials of tricks with simple pens are gathered, but not before you watch this tutorial – there is no particular order to learn these basic tricks, at least the ones, which I show in this series.

First of all I would take a pen with a grip to learn this trick. It would also be beneficial, if your pen would have most of its weight at its end, it would also be better to use a heavier pen, but all of this in fact doesn’t really matter so much, you can learn this magic trick with any pen.

Take it by a grip between your Thumb and Middle fingers, like this. Hold it firmly, but don’t tense fingers much. Now sway your wrist forward, holding pen softly enough, so it could fall down and as it falls – put your Ring finger under it. The movement should be slightly and its intensity would depend on initial angle of your pen in your hand. With this angle you just need to loosen grip of your fingers a bit, with this angle you need to shake your wrist forward pretty sharply to make a pen fall down.

So it falls right on your Ring finger and when it does, when your pen is athwart to the floor, Ring finger is under it, raise the finger and move your Thumb away. You wouldn’t need its service for a while. And at the same time you turn your wrist Palm Down and raise your Index. Whole this time you hold the pen by its grip.

So you raise and connect Index and Ring fingers, squeezing a pen between them. To make it happen bend your Middle a little bit, and without a pen this position would look something like this. Shift Index above Ring, so pen would change its position, tip would turn to you, and at this point begin to accurately raise Middle, while pen being still squeezed between those 2.

When you raise Middle and straighten it, loosen grip of Index and Ring fingers a bit, so a pen could fall down, at the same time it should stay between them, of course. It should fall with a sharp angle to the floor, so keep your Index above Ring all the time.

While pen moves down with an angle, you need to wake up your Thumb and move it under the pen, closer to Ring Finger, so when a pen will be athwart to it, you raise Thumb and grab your pen between Thumb and Index fingers in a writing position, for that you can smoothly let Middle finger down under a pen, while it is between Index and Thumb, just make sure you let it down in time, without interrupting pen’s movement.

I like this trick, I think it looks elegant smooth and cool. It is a bit hard to master, but when you do – there is less chance you would drop a pen, than when you do tricks from the first video, by the way, now it is the time to go and watch it as well and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, if you want to learn more about Pen Spinning, than that. You know, we, pen spinners, love to make the impossible possible and have much fun with that. If you feel the same – join us and begin by watching videos on this channel in order – that’s the best way to jump into Pen Spinning.

If you are not that interested, share this video with your friends, maybe some of them would find our activity interesting, as a lot of other guys in our community.

My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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