Easy, but very cool mini-combo with a few basic tricks involved. You definitely will be able to do it and this video will help you.

Sonic 34-23 (PD) -> TA T2 -> TA Rev 23 -> Neo Sonic T2 -> Neo Sonic Rev T2-23 -> Tw. Sonic Rev 23-34 (PS-PD) -> FP 34-23 – Tw. Sonic 23-12

Twisted Sonic: https://youtu.be/Pij3diiitcg

Neo Sonic: https://youtu.be/IXgBq0yLs_4

ThumbAround: https://youtu.be/kQx_45IGWCw

ThumbAround Reverse: https://youtu.be/d32ufaR9QIs

How to do ThumbAround Harmonic: https://youtu.be/IZIqyMDS8C4

Sonic: https://youtu.be/lNeTo-uUd2k FingerPass: https://youtu.be/8YVDnByth_Q

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock and today we will break down another beginner mini-Combo, which looks REALLY cool, but is so easy in fact. I am going to do a detailed breakdown of this mini-combo by linkages but first – quick glance on it and how it needs to be done.

It looks like this:

Sonic 34-23 (PD) -> TA T2 -> TA Rev 23 -> Neo Sonic T2 -> Neo Sonic Rev T2-23 -> Tw. Sonic Rev 23-34 (PS-PD) -> FP 34-23 – Tw. Sonic 23-12

So you start with Sonic 34-23 Palm Down with a bigger part of your mod at the outer side of your hand. As it goes to 23 – turn your hand and move Thumb closer. Press pen with your Thumb and slightly nudge it with Middle. As it turns over Thumb, catch it with its bigger part looking up and immediately push it back with your Index. Catch it in 23 and raise Ring finger letting your pen move over Middle in Neo Sonic T2, bigger part is looking up again. Remove Thumb to make pen fall back over Middle to 23. Catch it with a bigger part looking down and do Twisted Sonic Reverse 23-34. Turn wrist letting mod move in a circle at the same direction in the same plane and do Pass 34-23. Now Twisted Sonic 23-12.

 Alright, that was a fast run, now we will break it down so you could know exactly how to make each linkage. You can add this video to your Pen Spinning PlayList on YouTube and learn links one by one, returning to the video each time you move forward.

OK, let’s get started with the first link – Sonic 34-23 (PD) -> TA T2. You start with Sonic PD in slot 34, hold your pen closer to one of caps, so it’s bigger part would be from the outer side of your hand. When your mod changes slot to 23 – turn your wrist PS and at the same time move your Thumb towards it close to one of caps.

Repeat this move for several times, till you feel confident about it. You need to turn your hand with the same speed as your mod moves. Like hand is leading your mod, or mod leading hand:)

Now you need to add TA , pen mod should continue moving at the same plane, all you need to do is slightly nudge it with your Middle finger to turn over Thumb.

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Alright, now we need to do ThumbAround Harmonic. It is the name of linkage of Ta – Ta Rev. Not an easy linkage, and it deserves a separate video, you can search for it on my channel, I am going to make tutorial for it soon, and if right now you can’t find it here – search it on YouTube.

But maybe you will get it out of this video that would awesome and would add this video a huge amount of value! If so – let me know about that in the comment section.

So, the main principle is – you start ThumbAround closer to one cap of pen mod, bigger part looks at you. And you should land mod at the end of the trick also close to Thumb, but a bigger part should be away from you. First you should learn how to do it like that, I think there is the main difficultness of TA Harmonic – to learn to catch pen mod at this position. Because it is the starting position to make ThumbAround Reverse. Just jog the mod with your Index.

In this combo you should catch your mod in 23, so right after you push it with Index, as it pen turns over Thumb – fold Ring finger a bit and raise Middle to open 23 and make a gap for pen mod.

OK, let’s repeat whole this part.

Sonic 34-23 (PD), as pen moves to 23 you turn your hand palm side, press it with your Thumb and jog it with Middle doing ThumbAround. At the moment it goes over Thumb, instead of catching mod – push it back with your Index doing ThumbAround Reverse.

Now we need to do TA Rev 23 -> Neo Sonic T2, which also might take you some time. You make TA Rev to 23 and as pen turns over your Thumb – you already should raise Index much, so it wouldn’t interfere mod’s movement when time would come for Neo Sonic. You can practice catching mod in 23 with Index being up for a while. Focus on catching mod closer to one of the caps, so a bigger part would be at the outer side of your hand or at least by its center. Because naturally it would fall at this position – bigger part at inner side of hand and doing Neo Sonic from this position is much-much harder.

Catching mod closer to the cap in this link would be useful in this combo later, so I suggest you to focus on it.

Now what you need to do is – as you get mod in 23, as it touches Ring finger – immediately raise it, bumping a pen and turning it over Middle. Then catch it in T2.

Now we have another harmonic – this time with Neo Sonic, it is not hard to do, I have a separate video about this linkage – go and check it out if you still haven’t, link in description below. The only difference is that you make it in T2, in T1. But anyway I don’t think it is going to be a problem since Neo Sonics are among the easiest tricks in Pen Spinning.

The main thing – again, in the way you catch your mod while doing Neo Sonic over Middle. You should catch it with a bigger part of your mod looking up or at least by center. This way you would be able to make Neo Sonic reverse much easier. In fact, mod would fall back by itself as soon as you move Thumb away.

Let’s repeat this part again.

ThumbAround Reverse to 23, catching mod with its bigger part at the outer side of your hand. Raise Middle immediately right after mod touches it doing Neo Sonic T2. As it turns over Middle – catch it in T2 and just move Thumb away.


Now we need to connect Neo Sonic Reverse T2 with Twisted Sonic Reverse 23-34. Having mod in T2 with its bigger part looking up before doing Neo Sonic Reverse from this position would be beneficial, as after doing this trick you’d better catch mod in 23 holding pen mod with its bigger part at inner side of hand. This way it would be much more comfortable to keep mod moving doing Twisted Sonic Reverse.

When mod gets to 23 – push it sharply with Ring finger giving it inertia to continue moving in a circle and when you do Twisted Sonic, when you finish it and catch mod in 34 – immediately turn wrist Palm Down. Would be much better to hold it with its bigger part at outer side of your hand.

Actually you should turn wrist even before you hold a pen in 34, while it is still spinning in this slot, like this.

So, we do Neo Sonic T2, starting with a bigger part of your mod looking up and catching it in T2 with the bigger part looking up again, then move Thumb away letting mod fall back over Middle and catch it in 23 with a bigger part looking down. Push it with Middle, making circle motion to perform Twisted Sonic Reverse 23-34 and turn wrist Palm Down right after catching pen in 34 with its bigger part at the outer side of hand.

The next linkage is not going to be hard, but it is soooo useful. You will get such an idea of how to change direction of pen’s movement nicely. Actually, this linkage is going to have some vague things in common with Simple Twisted Sonic linkage, which I showed you in one of my previous tutorial – I will leave it in the card, so you could check it out and also you can find a link to that video in description – definitely should check it out - very useful skill.

So you start Twisted Sonic Reverse from 23 with most of pen mod’s part at the inner side of hand. When pen changes slots to 34 – begin to turn your hand Palm Down. You need to do it right after catching mod in 34, so at this position wrist would already be turned down.

And right after you turn the wrist – push mod with Ring finger and at the same time raise a pinky. You need to do Finger Pass 34-23, and you need to keep pen at the same plane, so it would go close to parallel to the floor. Look – you make Twisted Sonic Reverse -  catch mod in 34 with its bigger part at outer side of a hand turn wrist and push mod with Ring, raising pinky and Middle as well. As you see, that mod comes under Middle – let this finger down, grabbing the mod in 23. Make sure you grab it with its bigger part at the outer side of hand. Now push mod with Middle doing Twisted Sonic.

That’s it! That’s today’s mini-combo for beginners. Right now I am going to repeat it from the very beginning, meanwhile you can leave a like to this video. It is the easiest and very powerful contribution to Pen Spinning’s growth and development.

So again – watch this mini-combo closely:

Sonic 34-23 (PD) -> TA T2 -> TA Rev 23 -> Neo Sonic T2 -> Neo Sonic Rev T2-23 -> Tw. Sonic Rev 23-34 (PS-PD) -> FP 34-23 – Tw. Sonic 23-12

That’s it for today, guys, subscribe to Pen Stock, remember, that all the best mods are at penstock.net with a fast delivery and good packaging. A lot of guys love my packaging. Suggest your own combos in the comment section. I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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