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Beginner mini-Combo #1. Pen Spinning Tutorial



You have asked for more beginner combos – here we go!

Hello, spinners! Today I will show you how to link tricks which you have already learnt by far. To do this mini-combo you should already know Twisted Sonic – Normal and Reverse, Finger Pass Normal and Reverse and Sonic Normal  – tutorials for all of them are on the channel, links in description below - don’t start before you’ve mastered all of these tricks.

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So, the mini-combo looks like this:

Tw. Sonic 23-12 PD -> Pass Rev. 12-23 PS -> Tw. Sonic Rev 23-34 -> Pass 34-23 PD -> Sonic 23-12 -> TA T1

OK, now let’s break it down to linkages, and the first one, Tw. Sonic 23-12 PD to Pass Rev. PS should remind you of the basic link Twisted Sonic to Tw. Sonic Reverse, if you haven’t – watch the video about this linkage, it will give you a good idea of how to do it. The very same concept of performing, but with Pass Reverse instead of Tw. Sonic Rev.

First you do Twisted Sonic PD and when the pen changes slots from 23-12 you turn the wrist, it follows your pen’s movement and when tip of the pen is close to Thumb – raise Index and grab the mod in 23. Try this linkage for some time, but as I told before, if you have already mastered the previous beginner tutorial, it is not going to take you too long.

Now we need to link Pass Reverse 12-23 with Tw. Sonic Rev. 23-34. When you finish the movement, wrist should get back to Palm Down Position, right as you place the mod in 34. Again, that’s the same concept of wrist turning, as I showed in the Twisted Sonic Linkage, just in different slots and Passes, replacing some of Sonics.

When you do Pass Reverse, as pen shifts from 12-23, push it a bit harder with your Ring Finger and raise Middle a bit sharper than you do while doing FingerPass. You should give your mod enough inertia to move further and make Tw. Sonic Reverse 23-34, which is already not a very easy trick, I guess, not all of you began to learn it right after learning standard Twisted Sonic Reverse 12-23. Well, you should, and sooner you do – better for you, learn all the tricks in both directions in all slots. Sooner you start working with your pinky – easier it is going to be, don’t hesitate.

OK, let’s repeat this part.

Twisted Sonic 23-12 PD -> Pass Rev. 12-23 PS -> Twisted Sonic Rev. 23-34 with finishing in PD again.

Now we need to connect Twisted Sonic Rev with Pass 34-23, and it also is not going to be that easy. The pen spins in circle, changing slots, your pinky is bent, and as it goes at a sharp angle to your fingers, at this position – you raise pinky, grabbing pen in 34, bending Middle finger a bit at the same moment, it should go above the mod. After the mod is placed in 34 you turn the wrist, raise pinky, lower Ring and now grab mod in 23. While changing the slots, your pen should move in circle to not to hinder Middle to go up. Anyway you should bend Middle, but more circle your pen goes – easier for the finger to move up without touching the mod.

And Pass – it also goes in round, like as you were doing Sonic, but in fact – Finger Pass.

Now an easy part – linkage Pass 34-23 PD -> Sonic 23-12 -> TA T1. As the pen goes circle, this movement is going to be pretty similar to Sonic Rise. Make Pass 34-23, cover the pen with Middle and push it, raising Ring finger. As your mod shifts to 12 – turn the wrist Palm Side, raise Thumb and for a moment hold the pen in T1, then do TA, pushing with your Index.

So, let’s repeat this mini-combo:

Tw. Sonic 23-12 PD -> Pass Rev. 12-23 PS -> Tw. Sonic Rev 23-34 -> Pass 34-23 PD -> Sonic 23-12 -> TA T1

Learning tricks in Pen Spinning goes much easier and with greater pleasure with a pen mod, today I used Menowa ST mod to show you the linkage, nice weight, , you can order it and a lot of different stuff for pen spinners at penstock.net with the cheap delivery to all countries.

Without a pen mod you will have a lot of troubles trying to learn this combo, so don’t delay getting one and beginning to understand what pen spinning is about.

May the style be with you, bye!


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