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Pen Spinning Tutorial - combo for beginners


Twisted Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic 12-TF -> Fl TA Rev T1-23 -> Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic

It looks cool and much more difficult than it really is. By the end of this video you will see how easy it is.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock and today I am going to break down this beginner mini-combo and teach you how to do it and get really useful skills for beginners in Pen Spinning, most of today’s linkages are going to serve you for a long time. So take your pen and get ready, let’s begin:

The mini-combo looks like this

Twisted Sonic 23-12 (PS) -> Neo Sonic 12-TF -> Fl TA Rev T1-23 -> Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic

it consists of the following tricks:

Twisted Sonic 23-12 (PS) -> Neo Sonic 12-TF -> Fl TA Rev T1-23 -> Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic

The whole combo is done Palm Side.

If you don’t know any of these tricks – look in the description under this video, I’ve left all the links to detailed tutorials for each of them. I recommend you watch the whole video, get the idea and then begin to learn linkages one by one, paying closer attention to each of them separately.

The first link is not going to be difficult to learn, but don’t get mad if you have troubles with it. Twisted Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic 12-TF is a very common linkage and you can see it a lot of different freestyles and combos. Here is how you do it.

First of all, of course, you need to do Twisted Sonic 23-12, it would be easier to start it holding a mod closer to one of caps with most of the mod’s part on your palm side. And when you land your pen in slot 12 at the end of the trick the bigger part would be at the back of your hand. Mod continues turning in circle and while being at this angle, you push it with your Index and raise Middle finger doing Neo Sonic 12-TF.

That’s an easy and awesome link, used a lot in Pen Spinning in different mini-combos.

So, again, take your mod in 23 closer to caps, bigger part, about two thirds looking down at your Palm, make Twisted Sonic  to 12 and when mod makes circle motion in 12 till this angle with its two thirds looking away from you, push it with your Index Finger and raise Middle, doing Neo Sonic.

Now let’s rest for awhile, a little pause for a funny joke, hold your pants, guys. So a ship is sinking in a sea – that’s important, passengers are drowning and sailors are floating on a lifeboat and pulling them out of a sea by hair. Suddenly they see a completely bold head. And one of the sailors SLAPS IT WITH A PADDLE: “We have no f…ing time for jokes here!”

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Now we need to do a link Neo Sonic to FL TA Rev, it looks like this. What do you say? It is not Neo Sonic, it is Index Around Reverse? Pfffff! Pfffffffffff….

This is going to be quite a difficult task and after you accomplish it, you’re gonna feel great. Let others know, that you have learnt it in the comment section after you master it, so new guys would see good examples, that it is achievable.

When you do Neo Sonic instead of catching it in T1 let it land to Thumb Flap. Practice this movement alone for some time, you need to learn how to land mod in TF with it’s bigger part looking up, on the other side of hand. What you need to do is to adjust force, with which you throw up mod with your Middle at the beginning of the trick as well as you need to try to lead mod to make it turn over Index at the base of it. Also, to make sure you catch pen mod in TF closer to this cap – you may push hand a bit forward.

You will most likely need to do it, as, as soon as you land the mod, you will need to push your hand forward to make FL TA Rev. And as you make it you should already open up slot 23 to accept mod in it.

That’s not the easiest link, but it looks cool and is very useful in a lot of combinations.

Just don’t try to make it easier adding such crap as Charge TF - it ruins flow, looks ugly and you will need a lot of effort to get rid of it in this link in future. No, learn it how it needs to be done from the very beginning and enjoy beautiful freestyles in the future.

OK, let’s repeat it from the start: Twisted Sonic 23-12, pen makes circle motion in 12, than throw it over Index doing Neo Sonic to Thumb Flap, push hand forward, turn mod over Thumb and land in 23.

Remember to keep your fingers relaxed, don’t tense them.

Alright, now we need to connect Fingerless ThumbAround with Sonic Normal 23-12.  It is not hard. When you do FL TA Rev you can even straighten a bit Index and Middle fingers and fold Ring and Pinky at the same time, so mod would fall into this gap.

Personally I keep all the fingers a bit folded just open 23 so it would be better for mod to go in there. Whatever fits you, different pen spinners do the same moves differently, each of us has his own style. Also different mods also can make you do different elements differently.

But what you need to do is to make sure you catch mod in 23 by it’s center, as closer to center as it is possible. That’s why you might want to keep all fingers folded, under mod while mod makes FL TA Rev.

And as mod falls there – immediately straighten Ring and pinky, doing Sonic 23-12. As mod touches Ring finger – throw it up quickly, don’t stop.

And now we need to make linkage Sonic 23-12 to Neo Sonic 12-T1, which is pretty similar to the starting linkage and should not be difficult for you. To my mind it is even easier than the first one. As pushing mod with your Index in such position is much-much easier.

You see, we finish Sonic at the starting position for doing Neo Sonic. So right after mod changes slots from 23 to 12 just push it with your Index and raise Middle, letting it turn over Index, after that catch it with your Thumb.

Now let’s repeat this part and after that – the whole mini-combo.

We begin with FL TA Rev, mod goes around Thumb right to 23, straighten fingers and make Sonic 23-12, as it shifts to 12 – Neo Sonic.

Nice, now let’s repeat the whole mini-combo from the very beginning to the very end.

Twisted Sonic 23-12, part of circle in 12 – Neo Sonic, dropping mod to Thumb Flap, push hand forward to make FL TA Rev, leading pen to bent fingers of slot 23. Straighten fingers and do Sonic 23-12, push mod with Index doing Neo Sonic 12-T1 – voila, that’s it, that’s the combo.

Now you might want to break it down by yourself and watch again paying close attention to each linkage separately. Watch first of them for several times, stop video and master it, than second etc, etc. Each part may take you more than one day to learn, so save this video to your personal Pen Spinning PlayList and return to it till the time you master the combo.

And if you find this video helpful – let me know about that. If you are  up to Pen Spinning – don’t miss the opportunity to press SUBSCRIBE button, if you still haven’t been subscribed. And press the notification bell to make sure you don’t miss new videos and live-streams.

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be you, bye.




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