Is it good for Beginners in Pen Spinning? How does it spin? All PRO and CON about a great factory made penmod, which also can write for a good price. Here is the fool review of this pen - we will dig deep into a marrow of Flower v4 and give a very close look at it.

Flower V4 on Pen Stock: https://penstock.net/shop/product/flower-v4-pink

Wow-wow-wow, the first more or less appropriate factory made penmod, which in addition can actually write.

Hello, spinners! You are on Pen Stock and today we will dig into the marrow of Flower v4. It has its Pros and Contras, and in this video I am going to do everything I can so you could have as clear idea of what is it like as it is possible without actually trying this mod first by yourself. This mod, as well as all of the mods mentioned in this video you can easily order in my shop – penstock.net, with the fixed price for delivery all over the world. Guys, the delivery price is comparable with the one, which I paid for delivery of a cool beard trimmer over my own city yesterday! And I offer it to you, wherever you live, you can get good stuff from me, with a nice signed card in a package.

 OK, so take your pen and start to spin, let’s begin.

And first of all I want to say, that I am really happy, that this mod has appeared in the first place, that somebody except Zhigao and PSERHOME actually makes tools for us, pen spinners, not manually, with seriousness! I was really glad to get these mods and try them out as they seem to be the first adequate factory made pen mods.

I mean, SpinPros are OK, but they have a lot of issues, well this one also does, but it looks like a mod, feels and spins fine and you can not be ashamed of showing it in your solo videos or collabs. And hey, its existence actually means that somebody except you and me gives an F*** about Pen Spinning, isn’t it god damn cool?!

Spinning Flower v4 differs from spinning Zhigao-garbage a lot. Yeah, by the way, you can’t find Zhigao on penstock.net, at least not till the time they would manage to make something spinnable, I keep only good mods there.

Flower v4, You can feel that it was made by people who understand what pen spinning is about and how mods should feel and spin. How grips should feel and look, what is a nice design of the mod. Not that tasteless obnoxious mess of mods from Aliexpress.

Well, OK, let’s not compare penmods with unspinable Zhigao products and get back to Flower v4. I just really can’t understand why Zhigao couldn’t make anything like that for so long time they have been on the market, the only reason I can come up with – they don’t give a .

As for today’s mod, as you can see it goes in four different colors of tracery – light blue, light green, violet and pink. You know, before making a review for any mod, I usually spend at least 1-2 weeks with it to understand it. During this time nothing had happened with the drawing, not a tiny detail had erased, so I can tell, that it is printed fine, with sufficient quality for such a low price.

The main advantage of this mod for noobs is – it can write, yeah, it has 2 colors of writing ink from both sides – red and blue. Yo dawg, I heard you like to spin and to write, so we added a writing ink into your spinning mod, so you could write while you spin.

Of course more advanced pen spinners would want to get rid of these writing inks for 2 reasons:

  1. First one - It adds center weight to the mod, which is bad, as you have heavy mod with reduced momentum - pointless. Heavy mods are designed to have good momentum, that’s their purpose – to spin like crazy. Instead you have a mod which spins pretty much unpredictable due to its screwed balance. And that’s a common issue for writable mods, by the way.
  2. Second one - In many cases writing ink may leak, it happens pretty often, especially if you spin the mod a lot. Hey, you actually may receive your mod with leaked ink, and that’s when you’re gonna have bad times trying to wash it out. At least I did.

Good thing is – when you wash writing ink – at least it doesn’t erase tracery with it, as I told before it is printed fine.

To take ink away, take off caps and pull it away using pliers.

With writing ink inside mod weighs – 20.9 gr, without it – 19.6 gr, it is 22 cm long, which is a good length. And what I also need to mention – it is thick, if you have any mod on Emboss Body, you can have an idea of how thick it is. That’s not a bad thing – at all, it doesn’t mean, that if you have short fingers, you can’t spin it or something like that. It is just something which you should take into account. Personally I like to spin thick mods, they give you a very unique sense.

So, the body is the same thickness as Emboss, but it feels a bit worse, I’d say, a bit cheaper as for my humble opinion. It is also much more slippery, which I don’t like. Tell me what you think about slippery bodies such as Comssa, for example, in the comments section below this video on YouTube. As for me it is much better for mod to have better grip with fingers. Flower v4 is so slippery, that it even squeaks while being spinned.

Caps aside of the mod are without sharp heavy tips, which can cause damage to a surface you spin upon as tips are actually under caps, though they are still not heavy at all. Let’s compare them with Airfit tips, for example, they are good to add momentum to heavy mods, and Flower v4 is heavy, 4.6 gr. As for Flower’s tips… Yeah, they can’t add momentum for a mod of 21 gr. 2 tips in sum should add a little less than half of mod’s total weight.

Instead we have these semi round  plugs in caps, which raise concerns about Zhigao crap, if you know what I mean. They are also not heavy, only  2.3 gr and don’t really add momentum to a heavy mod., as they actually should do. It is not any metal, it is plastic, as well as tips are, they should not have been made out of plastic, I tell you.

But for low-price penmod it is OK. Actually you can see that it is a budget low price penmod in most aspects, every spare part seems to be a cheaper version of different spare parts of manually made mods.

Grips look and feel like Dr. Grip grip at the first glance. Of course, these are much thinner, much less elastic and you can actually feel, that it is a cheap wannabe DGG, at least by how it fits cap. Do you see these empty air bags here and there? That’s it, bad elasticity. These colored grips here – a cheaper version of Sailor Gel grips. Actually, I don’t have any complaints about them, they feel good and look good.

Connectors – they are like ES Pontess from penstock.net, nice, it means you can use other caps on this mod as well, customizations, oh boy!

As the total majority of factory mods, Flower v4 spins unpredictable at some point. I mean, it is a bit awkward to control without writing ink inside and especially with it. Maybe it is a matter of getting used to, I don’t know, but I feel the same in different factory made mods – it is OK to spin beginner and low-intermediate combos with it, but when it comes to complicated combos, power, aerial and multiple tricks, they all start to freak out and Flower v4 is not an exception. Maybe it is a bit more controllable, than SpinPro or Zhigao, but certainly less than most of the manually made pen mods.

In conclusion, I must say, that this one definitely worth checking out, it is the first decent factory made mod, which also can be used as a writing tool, if you want. For it’s price it is probably one of the best choices for those beginners, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a penmod, but want to have a good idea of what pen spinning is about.

Would I recommend it for a PRO? – not really, if you have more than 1 year of practicing under your belt, most likely you wouldn’t use it as your main mod, but if you take PS seriously, you may have one of those in your collection. For sure, there is no better pen mods on the market, than manually made ones, at least for now.

I am looking forward to hear what you think about Flower v4, do you think it is a good thing, that such mods are available and do you think factory mods would eventually totally replace manually made ones?

Don’t forget to leave a like, I strived to make a good video for you, so if you liked it – let me know about that, it would be really nice. Till the next time, I am Alex Sukhov, May the style be with you, bye!


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