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BOOST Your Pen Spinning Progress



Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and in this video tutorial I would like to show you how to  get yourself ready for the pen spinning session.

-         Why would I need that?

-         Because less than in 5 minutes, that’s how much time they take, you will see how drastically your skills will improve. The tips which I am going to show helped a lot of spinners and me too, I made these exercises a habit and do them several times per day, especially before doing pen spinning. Sure, you don’t need to do them several times. Do them once per day – you will notice the difference as well.

-         My skills are just fine, look, full.

-         Warming and stretching before practicing increases your skill and help to neglect some problems – cold temperature around you, numb hands, wrong mood, other things which may slow you down and disturb your spinning. These tips wouldn’t just put them totally away, but will help to decrease their influence.

These simple exercises will take you less than 5 minutes a day, but will help to avoid nasty problems with your hand. Only help, they won’t prevent them though, you still need to be careful.

OK, so first of all we need to work out the wrists by doing these circle motions – 10 times each  direction.

Clench your fists, straighten the fingers several times, also from 5- to 10.

After that connect your palms and start to squeeze the fingers altogether from slots to slots. Do it slow but with some force. Do it several times – 5-10, depending on numbness of your hands. If you feel fine, the temperature around is not too cold – 5 times would be OK.

After that squeeze the fingers one by one – 1 round back and forth. Now 2 fingers.

Now squeeze all fingers except 2, do it with all your fingers by pairs.

Now clap your fingers  and bend them several times.

OK, now let’s stretch them a bit – one by one, don’t try too hard to not to  traumatize yourself. First I pull them up one by one, than – down, also one by one.

Actually that’s it. Sure, it’s a minimum set, which wouldn’t take you long, but I think it is going to be enough for the most people. There are some more exercises you can do instead or in addition to these, but I feel fine with only these ones.

-         So, do you see the difference?

-         Wow!


Add this video to your favorites Playlist on YouTube channel or to your Pen Spinning Playlist. You have a Playlist with my video tutorials, don’t you? With those tutorials, which you are planning to watch when the time comes. Yeah, watch this video each time you want to spend some time to practice pen spinning, especially new elements till the time you memorize all the sequences and exercises.

If you feel they are not enough – let me know about that in the comment section below, I can make the video with additional or alternative moves.

Tell me what you think about this video, did it help you to improve? Share it with your friends, don’t forget to visit PENSTOCK.NET, there you can find all the stuff any pen spinner needs with the best price and delivery all over the world. May the style be with you, bye.


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