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Pen Spinning Charge (and Continuous) - Easy Way to learn.


You have problems with learning Charge or can’t figure out how to do it continuously? This video will show you an easy and very efficient way to deal with this tough trick.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock and today I will show you a very good way to learn Charge, it is not the same way, as I showed in my previous video tutorial, if you haven’t watched it – click on card or find link to that video in a description under this video. Watch it as well, it is always better to know different ways of learning new tricks in Pen Spinning to find out which fits you more.

But this method is a good way to prepare for Charge Continuous, which I will show you in the second part of this video.

So, as you should already know, Charge is a fundamental trick in Pen Spinning, it looks like this and can be done continuously, like this. To learn it you’d better have pretty long mod with a good momentum – so heavy ones, like Everchix Emboss, for example, would fit you just fine. It is also good, because of having marked center, so you can control position of your mod in a slot. But about that – later.

Take your mod in slot 12 or 23 – whichever you think would be easier to learn in – it doesn’t matter, I will show you the trick in 12. So, take your mod in 12 – between Index and Middle fingers – at its center of gravity. As you use balanced Double Capped mod, it should be its center. Don’t tense your fingers, keep them relaxed, just make sure your mod doesn’t fall out of a slot, at the same time it should move freely while you sway your hand.

Now fold your fingers like that and place Index a bit above other fingers behind Middle, so one of tips of your mod, the one, which looks at you, would look up with an angle towards to Thumb. Thumb is up, behind pen mod, it should not interfere pen’s movement. Now straighten all fingers pretty fast, you need to straighten Middle faster, than Index. Index will be placed a little bit in front of Middle. And then move Index above Middle again, so it would be a bit behind Middle at the same time shifting position of your Middle very slightly, after that return them in line. So without a pen mod the movement would look like this. AS you can see I move Index and Middle synchronously.

Just remember to keep your fingers pretty much relaxed and focus on circle motion of your mod.

Repeat this movement for as long as you need to be able to keep mod moving in circle as close to your palm as it is possible. I mean this angle should be really sharp and sharpness of angle is going to depend on how far you move Index in front and behind Middle.

Alright, now I will show you how to spin a pen doing Charge Continuous, but before that – make sure you have joined to our Discord Server to keep in touch with our little, but very friendly community, where you can meet pen spinners from all over the world, link in the description, and also – make sure you have shared this video with beginners, when you see them crying for help with Charge.

So, you have learnt how to do one revolution of Charge, but it is not enough, as you think, of course, in fact, you won’t use Charge Continuous much, after you’d go further in Pen Spinning, but at the beginning – yeah, it looks sweet, something to show off. When you will learn it people would think that you are a drummer, lol.

So, after you make first circle motion, instead of returning pen and fingers to initial position, continue to move them, you need to bend and straighten Middle a little and move Index as well.

You need to learn how to do 2 circles now. For the first move you bent your fingers pretty much, now you need to do similar movement, but with a smaller amplitude. It is going to take you some time, but keep on practicing till you can make 2 Charges and after that just add another one – third.

Then forth, etc etc. First you need to learn it, adding Charges one by one, than you can begin to try to make Charge Continuously.

During this trick you will need to focus on your Middle, or Ring, whatever finger is under a pen mod. Doing continuous Charge this finger should move with bigger amplitude than the one, which is above. At this step you don’t bend your fingers much, Index doesn’t go in front and behind Middle. You focus on keeping mod in slot holding it by its center. That’s when marked center would come in handy.

Because it is the most important and difficult part of Charge Continuous. You will see, that your pen mod always tries to shift in slot and this shifting is what you desperately need to avoid, as it is going to slow down movement and eventually ruin the trick.

How do you keep mod in right position? By loosening grip of your fingers. When you see that your pen mod begins to slide to the outer side of your hand – spin it till it gets up at that side and loosen fingers, so it could drop down. When you see, that it slides to palm – loosen them when it is up from inner side of your hand. This way you can adjust holding of your pen mod, but be careful, make these adjustments slightly, don’t loosen fingers for too long and catch pen mod when its center is in slot.

You will also see, that during these adjustments your mod would like bounce in slot, in most cases loosening is going to happen by means of Index finger’s movement up and down – away from Middle and closer to it. That’s where this feeling of bouncing comes from. Part of the time pen mod would spin on Middle finger more than in slot, till you return it back, where it should be placed. And your Index will hit it from different sides, trying to keep it in balance on Middle.

Practice it, don’t complain, that you can’t keep mod in slot holding it by its center.

 I wish you good luck with this trick, it is pretty hard and mastering it will take you long time of practicing. But when you will be able – let us know how long it took you.

I am Alex Sukhov,

May The Style Be With You, Bye!


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