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Pen Spinning CHARGE - Basic trick tutorial



Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and by the end of this video you’re gonna know how to do Charge. This is a fundamental trick in pen spinning, you need to know it, as in general this is a very basic movement, which underlies a total majority of mostly all kinds of Sonics and many other tricks.

You might see drummers, who usually make such cool things with their drum sticks. Well, that’s a Charge, actually it is Charge continuous, which you wouldn’t really need in your combos, keep that in mind. There is no decent combo in Pen Spinning which has more than 1.5 rotations of Charge. In fact many penspinners try to avoid extra Charges in their linkage, there is even a special movement which helps with that.

But let’s stick to the plan. Today we are learning Charge, and it looks like this.

As you can see the pen makes one full rotation clockwise in slot 12, 23, 34. Of course you are not going to learn it in 34 at the very beginning, there is no point to do that right now, and by the way if you don’t know what slot is  check out the video about terms and basics in penspinning. So there is no big difference whether you will learn in 12 or 23, learning is going to be pretty hard and long, prepare. It took me 1 whole week of continuous attempts before I was able to do 1 Charge.

Yeah, my case is complicated, I am pretty slow in pen spinning, you might learn it faster, maybe slower, but anyway you WILL learn Charge, everybody does, just follow me.

Also, you are going to need some special tool to learn Charge. It would be too difficult with a simple pen or pencil. Now you can see Ivan Mod in my hands, it is a good pen mod for learning Charge, you can buy it in my shop – this mod and many other things for pen spinning, delivery all over the world.

And if you don’t know which mod to choose – check out playlist on my channel about different mods, there is also a video of my TOP recommended pens for beginners.

I suggest to divide your study into 2 steps. The first one – abutting Charge. Take a pen in slot, I will show in 23, fingers are relaxed, you should always keep your fingers relaxed in pen spinning. Also they are a bit folded. One tip of the pen is placed in Thumb flap, the rest body is place on Ring Finger. Next what you should do is – push the mod with Middle finger and at the same time away your Thumb, so the pen could slide from Thumb Flap. At the same time straighten Middle and Ring fingers to pull the pen along the palm. When you see the pen is going close to starting position – fold fingers a little to place it back in Thumb Flap.

Try to do as circle motion as it possible. Pen spinning loves circle motions. It would also help to take tip of mod and try to do circle motions with you second hand.

Don’t pay too much attention to abutting charge, you will never ever use it again. Also it has some minuses, it is difficult to do such good circle Charge as you hold a pen not at the center, most likely. When you can do it somehow – move on to the next step, which would be the actual trick – non-abutting Charge or simply Charge.

So take the mod in 23 at the center as athwart to the floor as possible, you can prop it with Thumb. Fingers are relaxed much more than while doing abutting Charge, folded pretty much. As you can see my Middle finger is a bit above Ring finger, they are not in plane. Next you move Thumb away and straighten fingers in one fast sharp movement, at this point you also will need to pull the pen with you Middle, not as hard as while doing abutting Charge, you need to make your fingers be in one plane again.

AS you can see, you don’t need to fold fingers again to place the pen back to Thumb Flap. Try to make mod move along the palm, focus on circle motion.

Also, keep in mind that if your fingers would be tensed, you wouldn’t be able to do Charge, pen should move freely in the slot, so keep them relaxed, take it easy.

I hope this video was helpful for your, guys. If it was, if you like it – let me know about that, share it wherever you can. Subscribe to the channel if you still haven’t done that before for some ridiculous reason. Next time I’m going to show you another Fundamental trick.

May the style be with you, Bye!


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