I will expose one major myth about pen mods – an important part of our beloved activity. They affect your style, your skill, your pace and progress. In this and in several of my future videos I want to speak to you about them and about mystifications and myths, connected with them.

Zhigao v5 - Full Review: https://youtu.be/y_A_NN3eARs

Copy or not copy? Will it fall apart after a few months of spinning? Oh, some butts are going to be on fire after this video.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and today I will expose one major myth about pen mods – an important part of our beloved activity, right? Pen mods – what we spin, what we make, what all of our hobby revolves around. They affect your style, your skill, your pace and progress. In this and in several of my future videos I want to speak to you about them and about mystifications and myths, connected with them. What I am going to say may sound controversial, maybe you’ve heard opposite opinions to the ones, which I am going to tell in this and in future videos, but again, my opinion is based on some knowledge and experience – mine and other people, with whom I have spoken a lot.

 I want to start with the one myth, it is not so common as the ones, that are ahead, but still I hear that from people from time to time, it is about original parts and copies. First of all, let’s make it clear once and for all, I have told that numerous times and hope wouldn’t need to repeat that again:

Copies of spare parts are used in Pen Spinning commonly, a lot of pen mods from pensock.net as well are made out of non-original spare parts, not all of them, but some. They are used and there is nothing THAT bad in copies. Sometimes you can feel the difference, in many cases you can’t, but anyway they keep you be able to get high quality well-made pen mods for lower prices, than you could possibly spend on one, buying whole pens instead of parts.

Again, not all, but some of spare parts are not originally out of actual pens, for example, Dr. Grip grip and Dr. Grip tip – are copies, you could never tell which one is original tip, which one is not by yourself, as they have similar characteristics and feel the same.

Both – grip and tip are very good materials, they are used a lot in pen modding, but pair of 2 Dr. Grip tips would cost you a bit more than $5, at the same time, if you get 2 shakers to take tips from them, it would cost you $20. OK, from 2 shakers you would also get 2 grips, which also would cost you about $5 in pair. So anyway you save 50% and get materials pretty similar to original. And you can always choose to buy 2 shakers to make a pen mod instead of using spare parts.

I try to keep both – original and copy parts for pen modding. You can find, for example original Crayola and copy as well and choose for yourself, what you want to make. But in fact, 99 times out of 100 you, guys, take copies, and that’s understandable and I don’t think there is something so wrong with that. I don’t think it is such a big deal, as there is no such a huuuuuuge difference between them – main characteristics are the same. Of course, skilled pen spinners, those, who take it more or less serious, may want to have original mods, and me too, you know, it’s not the same to have collection of original stuff and replicas.

But from practical point of view you don’t need esthetical feelings of knowledge, that you spin totally licensed pen mod, made out of only original parts. You need momentum, good weight and length. And if you want to get this with decent quality for a reasonable price – go for copy. For God Sake, In my collection I have literally not a single pen mod made out of only original parts.

Take this Dr. KT, my old friend, which I love, but don’t show much. Even on spinbol.com, where you can easily play with other pen spinners Tak-Ons, find out more in the description. You are subscribed to this channel? Why the hell aren’t you getting new levels on Spinbol yet?

So, this Dr. KT is almost 5 years old  and it has seen a lot, many times I dropped it on asphalt. But it still looks fine, spins and feels great. Though you know what, I think, only tips in here are replicas, other parts, I think are original, the same goes to Dr. ACT, F!r3fly G3, Emboss PC2, Dr. Kirarich, you know, there are so many pen mods, which have mostly original parts in them. A lot of Art Color, Play Color 2, RSVP, G3 based mods – dozens of them are made mostly out of original parts.

What I often hear for the last few months, what makes me laugh is some weirdoes saying, that pen mods, which were made out of copies fall apart, break or whatever else happens with them in their minds. That’s bullshit and myth, of course, I don’t know what’s the purpose of such a misinformation, but can guess. I will leave my thoughts regarding that by myself though. No, they wouldn’t fall apart, if you wouldn’t destroy them, pen mods will serve you for many years – both, copies and original ones.

Zhigao pen mods – yeah, these ones are going to fall apart pretty soon, by the way, I have made a video review of one of these things, V5 – take a look by clicking the card or link in the description. I have suffered, while doing that video.

If you want to have original mods, if you know why you want them, if you are skilled enough to appreciate having original pen mods – that’s awesome, you can also assemble them from original materials by yourself and get a lot of satisfaction out of this process and final result would be your decent claim to fame.

But I hope Pen Spinning is going to grow further and soon we will have much more variations of good copies and other different spare parts, for example, as bullet, arrow tips. Dozens of different bodies, grips, maybe we will have something like ready grip-cuts or something, what about that, huh?

They will all differ by quality, price, of course, thickness and a lot of other aspects. Huge variety in spare parts would lead to huge variety of ways of self-expression through creating new beautiful mods, customization, which of them would bring something new to our styles and would serve to pen spinning’s development.

If you liked this video – subscribe to this channel and don’t miss the next one, it is going to be about really bad pen mods, you’re gonna like it. Yeah, if you do – don’t forget to let me know about that and share the video, let others know, that copies, good copies, I mean, are a good thing for pen spinning and if you disagree – feel free to argue in the comment section below, but without butthurt, OK? (By “without” I mean “MORE!”)

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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