Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and in this video I would like to answer the comment below one of my previous videos. To be exact  - under the video about TOP 5 recommended pen mods for beginners. If you haven’t seen it yet – go, check it out. It might be interesting even if you are not a noob in pen spinning already.

I often see recommendations from advanced spinners who usually advise noobs to make their first mod by themselves. When I was a noob – I thought that this is a good advice, just because I didn’t have my own opinion regarding this matter. And I can tell you, that I consider it to be one of the worst advices for people, who want to learn how to spin a pen. The worst advice ever made.

I am not saying I am an expert and my opinion is the only right one, but it has right to exist and today I will give you some reasons to my thoughts. First of all – I have seen huge improvement in progress of a lot of newbies, who replaced their selfmods with premade mods. Don’t think I am telling only based on my personal experience, though it also proves my words.

So, let’s start with a replying on a specific objections, which coffeelucky has left under that video.

“ Best mod for beginners is something cheap and able to make with the materials around your place.” I have never argued with the second part of this statement. Sure, I also started by doing fingerpass with a simple pencil. But was it pleasant? Did I understand any fun of doing it? Not really. So can I call my first mod the best one? Why would I ever do that???

“I don't see any good reasons why beginner should spend much money for a stick” – I don’t suggest them to do that. Stick – is what they gonna get without spending any money. I suggest them to get a properly made tool for a hobby. When you try painting – you don’t necessarily have to make brushes by yourself, do you? We live in a society, where everybody does their jobs and don’t need to be good at everything to procure all their needs. You don’t need any good reason, so let me show you one: with a properly made penmod a beginner would learn much faster and with bigger pleasure.

“Spinning Baton nowaday take too much money, especially the ready-made from many websites. And some beginners didn't even know that we can make mod by ourselves” Too much money – really? A disc with a game for Playstation 4 costs at least 2-3 times more than any pen mod, and you’re gonna go through it in a week maximum, while pen mod may be in use for months. And for most of beginners I suggest to take cheaper mods, yeah.

Some beginners didn’t even know that they can do mod by themselves? Why would you think that? There are plenty videos on modders on youtube. If a beginner would want to do a mod – he will deffinetely find one and make it by himself. Although as life shows – there are much more pen spinners in the world, than pen modders.

“So it end up many beginners lose a lot of money and quit psing in a month.” So what? People try different things, but to taste a new thing, hobby or whatever else – you need to spend time or money. Again, we don’t speak about hundreds of dollars, do we? The cost of a decent mod can be compared with 2-3 lunches in McDonald’s. But instead of unhealthy junk food you get the idea of a new exciting hobby and can decide about it. And chances that you will like pen spinning are much more with a premade tool than with a shitty stick, which you have made without any skill.

“spinners should find their best mod, and self made is one of the best way so far because you can choose and adjust everything in the mod, length, weight, weight distribution, thickness, body feeling, spinning area, etc”

You can do that with a premade mod as well – first of all. Adjust it as you wish. spinners should find their best mod – how do you suggest them to do it? Spending 90% of their time and money on crafting even though they don’t really like it? Or trying different pen mods, made by skilled pen modders, and deciding about their favorites on the basis of this experience.

“most of skilled spinners including Menowa*, Spinnerpeem, i.suk, Sirapob, Iteza, Noel, Mesi, etc, use their self-made mods” I speaking about tens of noobs, who maximum know how to do fundamentals, whom I see and speak very often in my shop. Sometimes they bring their self-mods and till now I have seen maybe one of 50 good self-made mod, others look and spin like crap and have nothing in common with Menowa mod or fountain mod, I can show you some pictures so you could understand what you compare.

“I've seen many of my friends stop spinning even if they bought mods from some website. "lol that thing is still lying in my drawer but i dont spin anymore" - said by them, they stopped without try making mod themselves.” How do you connect these sentences? I don’t get it – what does their quitting has to do with modding? Do you think they quit because didn’t make their own mod? I don’t think so, actually I think a lot more potentially good pen spinners quitted just because they didn’t have a good mod and tried to spin self-made garbage.

“Also fundamental and basic tricks don't required any special kind of mods, even unmods can be used to learn it too” I don’t say, that it is impossible, thought regarding charge – it would be a hell of a torture to learn with a simple pen or pencil. Though – I tell that it’s much more pleasant, fun and easy to do with a properly made tool. That’s my opinion, based on experience – my personal and dozens of newbies and advanced spinners.

“making your own mod is a good way, some of them may find they love to make more than spin, so they can be penmodder instead of focus in spinning” Usually people feel that, without any need of trying it first. They may have a premade mod, but wanting to make a self. This way they have a good example of how it should look and feel. I know a few good pen modders, having a premade mod didn’t stop them from modding.

OK, than he just calls me a liar, than takes his words back and calls me stupid. I am most certainly not a liar, stupid – maybe, but that’s a subjective estimate. Vore-Tex comes in. I don’t want to read all our conversation, it’s pretty interesting and if you know to read it all – go on by the link in description and read it by yourself.

Vore-Tex tells me not to use his name, or what, I would summon him unintentionally? Anyway, I just replied with it, just quoted coffelucky. All claims to him. OK, everything he says has nothing to do with the topic of our dispute. Again – he puts as examples top pen spinners in the world, forgetting that the video is named “Top 5 recommended pen mods for BEGINNERS”, not for i.suk.

“people don't need expensive and complex penmods for the beginning” – Travel mod costs $5, you’re gonna spend more for spare parts for self-mod.

Oh, here is an interesting thought: “Size of the hand, of the fingers, muscles, big or thin fingers, etc. Each typology of penmod could be associated to a tyopology of hands for beginners.” If I understand it right, even though coffee doubts that I have such an ability. If I get it clear you want to tell, that each pen mod fits to certain type of hand of a newbie. That if you have, say, small hand – you wouldn’t like to spin thick mods. If  that’s not what you mean – please correct me. And I also thought so before, but now I don’t. Nevertheless – I didn’t suggested to use Emboss based mods for beginners, though I think there is nothing wrong with it. Your meaning closes mind of a lot of pen spinners, who probably wouldn’t use thick or thin pen mods if they have big or small palm, which is completely wrong. There is no best pen mod in the world – each of them has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, specific pluses and minuses, and they would differ from one pen spinner to another. And it wouldn’t be based on features of a certain pen spinner’s hand.

Embosses are spinnable with small hands, Comssas are spinnable with long figers. Only features of pen mod plays big role on pen spinner’s preferences. Different mods are good for different styles, not hands. I have seen kids 10 years old with tiny hands who spun power style with Everchix Emboss and a lot of guys with huge palms, who spun RSVP MX’s and Bonzin Ballsign.

My recommended mods are based on universality, all except Ivan – this mod I put in the list only because it is admitted to be one of the best for newbies, and I don’t have any strong reasons to argue this.

You suggest me to learn more about penmodding to understand how we could make an objective list of penmods for beginners. I suggest you to speak more with noobs. Speak to them, watch their progress, make your opinion not based only on theory, but also on live experience. Maybe now your experience is much farther away from noobs than mine, don’t be so sure in your thoughts, leave some space for doubts even though your authority is unquestioned.

I might be wrong, but it doesn’t mean I should shut the fuck up just  because Socially Insane doesn’t agree with me. I provide newbies my point of view and try to explain why I think this or another way, you may argue, may ignore, may think about me whatever you want, but don’t tell me what to say and what to think and I wouldn’t tell you where to go.

That’s it for today, guys. Let me know what you think about all this, subscribe to the channel to learn more about pen spinning, don’t forget to visit penstock.net, of course and show me some likes, if you did enjoyed watching this video.

May the style be with you, bye.


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