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Easy Link in Pen Spinning


Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and today I will show you how to do a very common linkage in Pen Spinning. It looks cool, helps to change direction of pen’s movement without losing speed and stopping the flow even for one tenth of a second only by turning the wrist. So, today’s linkage looks like this and to learn it you should already master Twisted Sonic and Twisted Sonic Reverse. Tutorials for both of them you can find on my channel in the PlayList with Trick Tutorials. First you do Twist Sonic Normal 23-12 Palm Down, Pen makes circle movement and when it passes to 12 you make sharp turn Palm Up, so the pen stays at the same plane and continues circle motion at the same direction. Ring finger should stay a little bit bent, later you will see why. At first practice how to turn your wrist right after pen changes slots. Turning of your wrist should be sharp enough to give the pen needed inertia . And lighter your mod is – sharper the movement should be. Otherwise your linkage would look screwed. That’s the hardest part of the linkage, so pay attention. Also you should help your pen to move in circle with your Index. It should go up behind Middle Finger, leading the mod. Notice that I hold the pen between upper phalange bones of Index and Middle fingers – it reduces touch area and lets mod move more freely. Don’t forget that learning would be much easier with a professionally made mod. You can order it and spare parts for customization or making completely new mod on penstock.net, delivery everywhere for the fixed price. So after you pass penmod to 12, it continues to move in circle, change the slot again doing Twisted Sonic Reverse. Look, now you should turn wrist back to Palm Down position, but this time you should do it before the pen changes slots. As you remember, our Ring finger was bent during the trick, when you do this Charge reverse pen should get stopped by it at the half way and at that time you should turn the wrist. For less than a second the pen would be placed between Index, Middle and Ring fingers, at this time Palm should be already down. Now bend Index finger to let the mod move and make straighten movement with Middle finger, initialing Charge motion. And now we are at the starting position for doing Twisted Sonic Normal Palm Down and the circle is now complete, you can repeat the linkage again. If you do so, you can loop it in a neverending movement and learn how to start it with Twisted Sonic Reverse instead of Normal as well. Also you can change tricks in the linkage from Twisted Sonic to simple Sonic, or add it after Twisted Sonic Reverse. That’s up to you, I gave you basic concept of doing it, you should experiment and develop it by yourself, making foundation for your style. If this video was helpful and you liked it – let me know in comments or just klicking like button or both. To learn more cool things in Pen Spinning – subscribe to the channel and push the bell, don’t forget – do it right now, pen spinning grows and blossoms here. May the style be with you, bye!


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