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Easy Pen Spinning trick - Warped Sonic tutorial


Fairly easy and very useful trick in Pen Spinning, hybrid of 2 fundamentals - Charge and FingerPass.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and today I will show you how to do Warped Sonic. If you already know, how to do Charge and FingerPass, learning it is going to take you less than 20 minutes, if you don’t know them – go and check video tutorials, I have them on my channel, links in the description.

So Warped Sonic looks like this. You can do it in slots 12-23 and 23-34. In this tutorial I will show you how to do it in 12-23, but later make sure to learn it in 23-34 as well, using the same conception.

So what you need to do is Charge 12, when a pen makes little bit less than one full circle, being close to athwart to your Index, you bend your Ring finger and push mod with Index doing Pass 12-23. To make it easier you can start Charge holding a pen closer to one cap, so its bigger part would be on your palm side.

And after you master it, try to do it more nicely, with more circle motion, changing slots after pen makes full circle of Charge. Pen would move at a sharper angle to your palm. It would require you to bend Ring finger a bit more, but first of all – it would look nicer, second – it would let you link Warped Sonic with more tricks as doing Charge in 23 after passing pen in a circle motion is easier and looks more harmoniously.

OK, that’s pretty much it about Warped Sonic, it is a basic trick and doesn’t require a lot from you to learn. When you are done with 12-23 – let us all know, how much time it took you.

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I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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