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Ivan Mod (Buster CYL 2) - How To Make PEN MOD for Pen Spinning. https://youtu.be/jou7oioY1H0

Index Around, Middle Around and Ring Around – today I’ll show you some secrets of how to learn these tricks in just 2 quick steps.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel, totally dedicated to Pen Spinning.

So, besides ThumbAround, which you already know, I think, if you don’t – you should, I have a video tutorial for this trick – link in the description. Besides  Thumb Around there are also - Index Around, Middle Around and Ring Around. They are more challenging, than our beloved fundamental, but all 3 have the same concept of performing .

I will show you, how to do Index Around, as it is the easiest one. It looks like this – a pen starts from a slot 12, makes Counter Clockwise circle movement around your Index and lands back in 12 with bigger part looking up or down or you can also catch it by center – depending on a trick, which you are going to do after.

First step Take your mod in 12 Palm Down, closer to its cap with a bigger part looking down. Hold your mod firmly, but don’t tense fingers, keep them relaxed, so a pen could sway between them freely.

So you sway your hand and mod in it and eventually, when you rock it hard enough, turn your wrist a bit and push a mod with your Middle, trying to lead it over Index. So you are like throwing the over a finger by moving your wrist and turning it Palm Side. At this point it is important to find appropriate force, which you need to apply to a pen mod to push it enough for turning over Index. At first focus on doing it with maximum strength.

Also at this point you need to learn to bend your Middle, so it would let a pen pass it by. At first your mod is going to hit Middle frequently.

Repeat this moving several times to adjust force. Sway mod in hand, push it with Middle, bend Middle pretty much, let mod turn over Index. I would hold a wrist looking away from me, so a pen mod would make circles parallel to myself. Don’t spend too much time on this step, basically, you just need to see, how a mod turns over Index

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OK, now you need to turn mod over a finger by pushing it with your Middle. I would turn my wrist more towards to me.

Also turn your wrist almost Palm Side, at the same time holding a pen closer to its cap with a bigger part looking down. Now bend your Middle, pushing your mod with it. Actually, you can start this motion with a wrist almost Palm Down, but again, you would need to turn it more Palm Side, when movement begins, just as you did at the previous step.

Adjust force of pushing again, so it would be enough to turn mod over Index, but wouldn’t let it move too fast.

Because we need to catch mod in 12, and that’s the most challenging part of the trick. You will need to move your Middle really fast and neatly. As pen mod makes almost full circle over Index, when it’s cap goes over Middle, you turn your hand Palm Down and straighten Middle, grabbing a mod in 12.

And positioning of your mod at the end of the trick would strictly depend on how fast you move your Middle. At first you are not going to catch it at all, then – you will catch it, holding closer to a cap with it’s bigger part looking down. And when you would be able to catch mod in this position – with a bigger part looking up, that would mean, that you got it and now can learn the trick in 2 other slots.

Farther a slot is from your Thumb – more challenging the trick becomes. But still, you need to learn them all, Arounds are very useful and without them your combos would become monotonous and looking similar. So they are a very important part of Pen Spinning and at this point you really need to know how to do them. There are a lot of different variations of Arounds, but about them later, for now just turn on some of my online streams and begin to practice this trick.

If you find this video helpful, if you liked it, let me know about that, I am always very glad to see any sign of your presence. I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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