Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and by the end of this video you’re going to know how to do Figure 8 and Infinity. I decided to combine these two tricks in one video tutorial as they are very easy to learn, especially Figure 8, which is basically more a part of Infinity rather than a trick, and probably it doesn’t need a particular video.

Both tricks belong to a separate family of tricks which are called “wipers”, they are pretty easy to learn, and though Figure 8 gives you concept of how wipers should be done, it is not a fundamental, neither is Infinity. As you should already know – there are only few fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning and I have made video tutorials for them on this channel – don’t miss any of these tricks, as they are extremely important to learn if you want to have any progress in PS.

By the way, progressing in Pen Spinning goes much easier, faster and with bigger pleasure when you use a proper tool – a penmod or better – several penmods, as each trick family has its own requirements for pen’s parameters. Today you can see Dr. ACT mod in my hand, it is very good for learning many kinds of different tricks and it’s especially good for wipers. You can order this and many other penmods in a special shop for pen spinners – PENSTOCK.net with the delivery all over the world, take a look, there is everything a pen spinner needs.

So to make Figure 8, first of all, take your mod with Index and Thumb by one of the grips, athwart to the floor, free tip looks up, it would be the starting position for performing the trick. Loosen the fingers a bit and slightly shake the wrist forth and back, so the pen falls down, while staying between them. After it falls turn your wrist counterclockwise so the cap goes up again, keep the fingers loosen, don’t tense them so the pen could move freely  and when it falls – turn the wrist, returning the mod to starting position.

So your wrist makes such moves, as though you start engine of a car.

As you can see during this movement one tip of mod performs something which looks like number 8, that’s where the name Figure 8 came from. You can practice it for a while till you can make the trick without any stops – it wouldn’t take you long. And I suggest you to start trying to do the trick moving your wrist as less as you can, maybe even till you can do it only with fingers.

Also you don’t necessarily need to hold mod athwart to the floor at the starting position, it could be with some angle to the floor. In this case you need to move your wrist more to give the mod initial inertia.

Try to make the pen do different figures in the air – 8’s or random circles, but don’t spend a lot of time on Figure 8 though, you wouldn’t need it anymore. Actually, I learnt Infinity without knowing about this trick. I don’t say you don’t need it, it may help you to get Infinity faster and better. The main purpose which it serves for is letting you know how the pen could move between fingers while doing wipers. Keep them strong enough to not to hold the pen and don’t squeeze them too much to let your pen move.

So let’s move on to it.

Infinity. It looks like this and to make this trick with your penmod, hold it with your Index and Thumb athwart to the floor, tip looks up, just as you did while doing the previous trick. While doing Figure 8 you didn’t need to keep an eye on the rest fingers, you could keep them as you want, while doing Infinity they should stay bent.  Unloose Index and Thumb a bit just like you did before, pen should fall down and land on Middle finger, be sure that Middle stops falling by the grip of the mod as well, all wipers should be done when you hold the mod by grips or caps close to tips.

So after Middle touches the grip take your Thumb away, push the pen with your Index and raise Middle a bit so mod goes up, don’t up it till it stays athwart to floor, it may stay little bit higher than parallel to the floor. Just high enough so you could let it fall again while it is between 1 and 2. Look at Middle finger – it should be a little bit bent, while Index stays straight, you can straighten it up at the beginning of the movement and direct by bending. You hold the pen between them by upper phalanx of 1 and 2. When it passes Thumb, take away Middle, jam between T and 1 and push it with your Index to return to starting position.

This trick could be made continuously as well as Figure 8, so also – try to practice different figures in the air, it can be different circles, 8’s, also you can try to draw Infinity symbol, it should be parallel to the floor. After all it is called Infinity””.

Highly likely, Infinity wouldn’t take you long to master, as it is a really easy trick. Don’t get upset if you have some problem with it though – leave a comment below this video on YouTube in this case, I would see the first spinner who has troubles with Infinity, lol.

Why doesn’t it belong to fundamental group? Because it doesn’t give necessary useful base to your progress. It doesn’t improve strength, stretch or agility of your fingers. It’s not used in a big variety of different  tricks as fundamentals do.

As for my personal opinion, if I was the one who decides, I would probably include it in Fundamentals though. I think wipers look cool and have a lot to develop research. There are so beautiful wiper combos out there, so big variety of wiper tricks, they just don’t have names, everybody calls all of them just “Wipers”, though some elements definitely deserve separate name, like Twirl by Fel2Fram, for example.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that those spinners who have come to such conclusion – not to include Infinity into Fundamentals – had their reasons to do so back then and there is no good cause to invent bicycle again and reconsider once taken statements, let’s leave it as axiom and move on to the next tricks and linkages.

To do so – subscribe to this channel if you still haven’t , Pen Spinning lives and blossoms here. Let me know if you liked this video, if you find it helpful  – I appreciate your verbal support and it helps me to continue. May the style be with you, guys, bye.




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