FingerLess Thumbaround Reverse (aka FL TA Rev) - is a very common trick with a pen which is used in Pen Spinning a lot. Here is a video tutorial for making this pen trick for you, so you could learn how to do it easily. Mod from the video - Flower v4 mod, available is 4 different colors with the delivery all over the world in the biggest How to do FingerLess ThumbAround Normal: https://youtu.be/2YYDfz1133c


Oh, a very good trick in Pen Spinning, the one, which you will use to replace Thumb Around reverse a lot for sure.

Hello, spinner, you are on Pen Stock and Today I will show you a pretty cool and very useful trick, which is not so hard to learn. At least it seems to be easier than its Normal variation for me and for many other pen spinners as well. That’s why I put video tutorial of FingerLess ThumbAround Reverse before FL TA Normal.

The trick looks like this. During its performing the pen makes circle motion clockwise from ThumbFlap around your Thumb obviously without any pushing of any of your other fingers – obviously, you see, it has “FingerLess” in its name, you don’t need fingers to do it – silly joke. Your mod should be moving by your wrist’s motion only - that’s the main point.

At the end of the trick you may land your penmod in slots 12, 23, 34 or back to Thumb Flap. I will show how to land it in 12 or 23, in fact it doesn’t really play a big role, doesn’t matter which slot you use to land the mod for learning – they all have relatively same difficultness, and in the future you will use all of them anyway. Maybe I wouldn’t recommend to learn with 34, it is traditionally not a very good choice for understanding tricks in Pen Spinning.

 OK, so let’s get started. First of all take your mod in Thumb Flap close to one of the tips and bigger part looking up, on the outer side of your palm. Your wrist is turned palm up at a certain angle, somewhere between Palm Side and Palm Up. Hold the mod firmly, but without squeezing it. This would be the starting position for the trick.

Now you need to do such a circle motion with your wrist. First you pull it towards yourself and a bit up, than push it forward and a bit down and then up, returning back to initial position. Watch closely and repeat this movement after me without a mod first.

OK, now take the mod back in slot and do the same with it. As I told before – you should not squeeze it too much in Thumb Flap, it should move freely, and if everything is correct, when you pull the wrist towards yourself you will see, that the mod sways a bit, this way you are going to give it initial inertia, needed for twisting around Thumb, by swaying it.

Try to sway the mod in Thumb Flap for awhile, it is pretty important to be able to do it easily.

Now push wrist forward sharp enough, at the same time releasing the mod from Thumb Flap, just loosen grip a bit, you need to move Thumb aside.

First you need to learn how to make pen mod move around Thumb by pushing the wrist forward, it’s OK to drop it a lot. Lol, Pen Spinning is all about dropping mods. You should learn to be not afraid of loosen thumb flap.

After you are OK with that, begin to try to catch your mod, for that you need to move wrist up again, trying to lead pen around your Thumb.

As you can see I make FL TA reverse with a very slight movement of my wrist, actually, all I do is moving only Thumb. Eventually you will need to learn how to do it like that as it looks much better than waving hands all around your place. But for starting, the way I showed you how to do FingerLess Thumb Around Reverse will serve you just fine.

Learning it is going to be easier using a heavy mod with a good momentum. Today I used a new factory made writable pen mod Flower v4 to show you the trick. Subscribe to Pen Stock to make sure you don’t miss full review for this mod, which I am going to do in the next video.

And after that I am going to make simple linkage with today’s trick – FL TA Rev, very useful and good looking, push the bell and don’t miss it, other linkages and combos are gathered in a separate Play List on my channel, check it out after you learn this trick.

Also  - follow me and Pen Stock on Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook, share this video with your friends and write down in the comment section – what do you think is the next beginner linkage would be. It is pretty easy to guess, lol.

Till the next time, I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye.



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