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FL TA - FingerLess ThumbaAround - how to do trick in Pen Spinning


You want to learn FingerLess ThumbAround or FL TA – that’s how we write it in breakdowns – this video is exactly what you need for that. I will show the way, which I used to learn this trick and which I belive to be one of the most effective.

Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning and today I will show you how to do a kind of variation of one of the fundamentals – ThumbAround and it looks like this.

As you can see, a pen mod turns over Thumb, but we don’t push it with another finger to make it move – magic! No-no, it’s just a pen spinning trick, easy to understand and not so hard to master after watching my tutorial. Though, it would take you some time.

First of all you’d better take a pretty heavy and pretty long pen mod, for example Ivan.

Take it in thumb flap, holding it closer to one of caps with its bigger part from palm side. Hold your palm towards you at an angle to the floor, pretty much Palm Up. You can do this trick with your Palm Up, Palm Side and even Palm Down, but we will learn it somewhere between the first 2 postions, it is going to be easier. Don’t tense your fingers, as always, keep them a bit relaxed, so a mod could move freely if you shake it.

Because here goes the easiest way to learn FingerLess ThumbAround to my mind. And to do it you will need to sway your pen mod by moving your hand back and forth, keeping fingers relaxed, but tight enough, so a mod wouldn’t fall out, of course.

Sway mod for awhile

and when you are ready, when you feel like it sways pretty confident, move your hand towards yourself sharply to sway it harder and then move forward even more sharply, at the same time moving your Thumb away and releasing a pen from Thumb Flap. By means of this sharp movement you need to give your mod enough initial inertia to go at least behind your Thumb.

First of all focus on practicing it – sway and release. You need to move Thumb pretty far away from your wrist, almost at a 90-degree angle to it.

Actually, at this point you can already learn to do FL TA by adjusting strength of your hand’s movement. If it is sharp enough and if you stop it at the right time, you can see your mod going over Thumb.

But most likely this adjustment would take you too long time, so here go some tips. First of all instead of moving your hand back and forth straight, you can make a gentle arc in the air, like a reversed “C”. You move hand towards yourself, then forth and up a bit, down much, than back to you.

Here is what happens, when you do this motion – mod goes up and away from you, when you pull hand towards yourself. After that you push it forward and raise hand, swaying mod like pendulum, trying to begin to twirl it  around Thumb. During this movement you also need to make sure your mod touches Thumb closer to a cap, so when it would be parallel to the floor, you push it down, another side would go up, then you pull hand back to you, letting mod move over Thumb and close it in Thumb Flap.

Again, it is pretty easy to understand, but you need to practice to learn and to master it. Devote enough time to FL TA, and after that go and learn FingerLess ThumbAround Reverse, if you still haven’t. I will leave link in the description and card over here.

Let me know if you liked this video and found it helpful, your support means world for me, share this video - oh-oh! Check out spinbol.com, you can play Tak-Ons with others, learning new links and earning new levels. You spin a pen and made it to FL TA – you make account on Spinbol, World of Pen SPinning, at least to be able to watch what others can do, even if you are not into participating games yet.

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, Bye!


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