Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and today I want to show you 2 good pen mods and try to compare them in different aspects. I hope this video would help you to choose one of them if you think about such choice and I know many of you really do, for the rest of you this video would be pretty interesting anyway, so get yourself a nice cup of tea and watch carefully.

If you already have both or only one of these mods – leave a comment below this video with your opinion about them.

If you are just at the very beginning of your journey into the Deep World of Pen Spinning, there is no need to pick both mods in your first order together and later I will tell you why. Surely you can order these or any other mods wherever you live from PenStock.net, we have delivery all over the world and it is really easy to get goods for pen spinners from there – a lot of penmods, spair parts to fix your mods or make them look individually, or maybe even create totally new mods out of different spair parts.

Waterfall and Flying Panda have 3 things in common:

1)    pretty big pieces of grips on their caps. Waterfall has expensive Dr. Grip grips and Flying Panda – cheaper, but still nice and good looking and feeling tornado grips.

2)    Both have Reynold’s 094 caps, which are pretty rarely used in modding nowadays, 

3)    And Signo tips in them, these are commonly used tips, you can see them in plenty mods.

The main difference in them is their bodies. Flying Panda is based on Crayola Super Tips – universal popular body, which is used in many good penmods and Waterfall – on a Super Pirat body, which is not so popular, but I personally like this body pretty much and prefer it instead of Comssa.

Many people, mostly newbies make a big mistake while looking on Flying Panda mod, they think it is pretty similar to Tornado mod which is completely wrong. Yeah both of them use similar grips, which you can’t see so often, but please remember, they have nothing in common at all. In all aspects except  the grips these mods differ from each other like day and night. Flying Panda – is one of the best choices for noobs, Tornado – one of the worst choices for noobs.

OK, hope we are clear here. Anyway, Flying Panda is much closer to Waterfall than to any other mods, though it could seem doubtful at the first glance.

Design, that’s a subjective aspect, isn’t it? As well as all the other aspects for that matter, lol. Both mods have pretty long pieces of grips as I told  before. Dr. Grip grip on Waterfall is a little bit shorter, than Tornado grip on Flying Panda, but still it is much longer than grips on most other mods.

It is very handy when you do wipers, but in case of Flying Panda these grips take a little bit too much of the mod’s length and it reduces momentum, compared to Waterfall, where the grips are a bit shorter and placed more at the ends of mod. Despite of it’s light weight, Waterfall is 16 gramm, Flying Panda – 16.4 gr, despite of this Waterfall spins easier. Sure, both mods as well as all the others need some time from you to get used to them, but good momentum of Waterfall – that’s what you will feel from the first freestyle with it.

Probably thin and light body of Waterfall – Super Pirat also helps it to get better momentum. It is a good body, feels great and makes the mod look consonant and elegant. Waterfall looks like how the mod should look. I have made a separate video about it – check out in the description under this video on YouTube. I really like it’s simple design, at the same time it doesn’t look plain and simple or cheap.

Flying Panda also looks nice. Tornado grips make it look a bit individually, as I told before you wouldn’t see them to much in pen modding, though I don’t really know why, these grips look and feel awesome. Yeah, they are a bit lighter than Airfit or Dr Grip grips, a bit softer than them, but still – nice alternative to those 2. Nevertheless if you look closely you can notice slight similarity of Flying Panda with a barbell, lol. No, really, I can’t stop seeing barbell in this mod, I like it, but…

Waterfall has 2 edges at the ends of working space, Flying Panda – only 1, maybe the point is somewhere there, I don’t know. And Crayola Super Tips body, which is one of the most popular bodies for penmods, maybe it is even the most popular body of all. It is much more universal, has average thickness and there is much more chances, that you will like it and it is more than can be said about Waterfall. I like Super Pirat, but many people don’t share this feeling with me for some reasons. It much less universal, some may find it too thin, doesn’t matter, what I want to say – there is a quiet bigger chance that you wouldn’t like this barrel.

Any way there is bigger chance that you will not be pleased with this barrel than with Crayola, especially if you don’t really like thin barrels like Comssa.

Flying Panda has a little bigger working space – 10.6 cm against 10.0-10.2 cm of Waterfall’s. Both sizes are good and will serve you just fine. Length of mods – that’s what you also might dislike in Waterfall, it is 20.5 cm long, which is not so much, not enough for many pen spinners, Flying Panda is 21.5 cm – and it is a golden mean for penmod’s length.

The price – Dr. Grip grips and Super Pirat cost more than Crayola Super Tips and Tornado grips, it makes Waterfall cost more than Flying Panda. You may see the slight difference in price if you lay both mods in front of you and take a good look at them, when you take and spin them, you can see and feel that Flying Panda is more, how to say, coarse than classy Waterfall.

But probably this difference wouldn’t be noticed by noobs. They will get the very same pleasure out of both mods and for them I would recommend to choose Flying Panda, it is a better choice if you only start your journey into the Deep World of Pen Spinning.

For more experienced guys, who can show some stuff with mods I would recommend to take a closer look at Waterfall and give it a try. It is a good mod, you can perform power and jep tricks with it, it wouldn’t harm your fingers and wrist. A lot of people call Waterfall one of their favorites, at the same time many people stop spinning Flying Panda as the time passes, only few of them stay with this mod as they reach advanced level of pen spinning.

Anyway – the choice is up to you, I just tell my own opinion, it is very subjective and serves to give you some expression of 2 great my favorite penmods. If you liked this video, if you find it helpful – let me know about that, subscribe to this channel, if you still haven’t, pen spinning  grows and blossoms here? Shre this video wherever you can – it would help to promote our underground hobby among other people. May the style be with you, bye!


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