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Hobby - Interview


1. Your first mod

1. Bictory, because it was the easiest mod to make at the time.

2. Your first trick

2. Thumbaround

3. You favourite body and grips

3. Currently I really like comssa bodies and anyball grips with them as a metal comssa, but I used to enjoy supertip bodies and dr grip grips on a KT.

4. What do you think about pen spinning?

4. I think pen spinning is a very cool and creative hobby with a lot more depth than people might initially think it is. There’s a lot of unexplored facets in pen spinning that haven’t been developed into concepts, so it’s very interesting to speculate and talk about it to try to understand and apply them for yourself. The skill ceiling for pen spinning is also very high, which makes for a lot fun trying to learn and perfect your spinning to what you want.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of pen spinning

5. I don’t think there’s really an advantage or disadvantage of pen spinning, it’s a hobby so it’s whatever you feel like making out of it. You might get more finger dexterity or have hand and wrist problems in the future but that just depends on what you decide to do.

6. Your unfavourite mod and why

6. The mod that comes to mind is the s777 mod because of how the cap stacking makes spinning it feel uncomfortable. I don’t really have a mod that I absolutely hate though, I only really spin metal comssas currently so the mods I don’t like are generally ones I don’t spin. I can’t say too much about mods I haven’t tried before.

7. Purpose of your article

7. The reason why I wanted to talk about the purpose of collaboration videos is because of my personal experience learning and understanding the topic. I wanted to share what I learned and provide my personal insight so that it can get other people thinking about new thoughts and ideas they might not have considered. In general, this is the whole reason I write articles on the blog.

8. What do you think about single-sided mods?

8. Single-sided mods are fine. I personally just spin a double-sided metal comssa most of the time, but I will occasionally pick up an MX or a G3 mod to fiddle around with once in a while. I don’t really have much to say about mods, it’s really just about personal preference.

9. What will be better : pen spinning will become very popular, or stay underground hobby

9. This question is hard to answer because we don’t know the specifics of the community and pen spinning skill if either happened. I want the community to grow, but that’s because it’s pretty niche already. I want the community to be stable with enough members joining to keep it active to match the amount of people leaving. If it’s a question of preference, then I would like pen spinning to be in between popular and underground. I enjoy how everyone knows each other in a smaller community and I’d like that to stay.

10. Your wishes to PS community
10. I ultimately wish that all communities would be able to communicate with each other internationally and share knowledge a lot better to add more to the depth of the hobby. I also hope that every community will be stable and active so that I can see the world’s pen spinning skills as well as ideas and concepts. In UPSB, I want people to carry on some of the things I’ve done when I stop being active, which is why I keep pushing certain ideas and trying to encourage people that are interested in the hobby. There’s no particular wishes I have to the Russian pen spinning community specifically, but more for everyone. I wish the best to you guys.

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