Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and today I will show you how to do Charge Reverse. It looks like this and during its performing your pen makes one full circle motion counterclockwise in slot 12, 23 or 34.

I recommend to learn this trick as soon as possible right after you’ve learnt Charge Normal. This way it is going to be easier, as your hand wouldn’t get used to make clockwise motion so much and retraining would be so painful, as in my case, when I passed about 1 or 2 months between learning those tricks. Closer to the end of this video I would tell you a key secret to learning it, pay attention.

Anyway, I will show you this trick in slot 12, but it is OK to learn how to do it in 23 if you feel like it, it doesn’t matter. So take your mod in 12 Palm Side at the center of gravity, if you use Double Capped balanced mod it is going to be its center. The mod is almost athwart to the floor at a little angle towards to you with its upper tip, fingers are relaxed, folded.

Now, what we need to do is straighten the fingers pretty sharp to push the mod out. This would give initial inertia. After you straighten the fingers pay attention to your Index, it is going play the main role in the trick. You should straighten it up faster than the others and put it a bit above Middle, leading the mod, and then move it below Middle.

To practice how to move Index Finger you can hold the pen in 12 Palm Side, fingers are straightened, relaxed. Now move Index back and forth making this kind of movement. Notice, that the other fingers stay still. Don’t tense the fingers, as I told before will say countless times more – they should be pretty much relaxed, not completely, of course, you should be able to hold the pen between them, but not more than that. Your mod should move freely like this - up and down.

Practice this movement for some time and get back to actual trick. Bend your fingers, straighten them up sharply moving Index, like you did just now, leading the mod in circle.

Now the TOP Key secret to success. Practice! Everybody can do Charge and Charge Reverse, if you can’t – you haven’t practiced enough.

As time passes, you would be able to make Charge Reverse with straight fingers, also if you want me to teach you how to do Charge Continuous – leave a comment and like under this video. I’ll do it right after we get 40 likes or 10 comments with text “Charge Continuous, please”.

I don’t recommend to try Reverse before you’ve learnt Charge Normal, you can watch how to do it on my channel – link in description below this video. Learning it would give a good idea of its conception.

All tricks are much easier to learn using a good weighted balanced tool with a good momentum. Today I showed you the trick with the 12ve mod, you can pick it up, as well as other goods for pen spinners only  on www.penstock.net and start to get pleasure out of Pen Spinning, fixed price for delivery all over the world.

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May the style be with you, bye!


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