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How To Start Pen Spinning. Beginners Guide.


Hello, spinners! My name is Alex Sukhov, you are on a channel about Pen Spinning. And as you are here, I assume that you want to learn how to make such incredible things. In this case – you are watching the right video at the right channel.

Actually, this channel is pretty much all you need to start Pen Spinning.

First of all – watch the video about Terms and Basics in Pen Spinning. It is crucial for understanding what we say in Pen Spinning community, what I say in my videos. After that learn how to do FingerPass, it would be a good way to start and see whether you like this or not. Of course, you wouldn’t get even a close to understand Pen Spinning from one this movement, we get pleasure and fun much-much later. But you will see some shadow of idea of what it is all about.

After that watch TOP-5 recommended pen mods for beginners and choose one or two of them on Penstock.net

While you are waiting for your mod from Penstock.net, it would take from 5 to 15 days approximately, you can assemble something to begin with – it can be a simple stick about 21-23 cm long with something at the ends, which may give it some moment. Of course your selfmade tool would be far away from anything which can be used in Pen Spinning, but most likely it would be pretty OK to learn basic tricks in Pen Spinning – Sonic, ThumbAround and maybe Charge.

Just keep in mind simple rules – 21-23 cm long, weight – about 15-18 gramm approximately – that’s what you are looking for. You can even take a simple pencil, wind some duct tape at its ends, it would look like this, spin like crap, but you can use it the first 1-2 weeks.

Don’t know how to measure needed weight without special scales? Here is a tip – take a ruler and coins – you have them, don’t you. Whatever money you have in your country you can google weight of the coins. They are often about 1-5 gram, put them on the one side of the ruler and your tool at the another and this way you can know approximate weight.

Also you should make sure that the center of gravity of your, how to say, abomination is at the center of the body. Otherwise it would be harder to learn even basic elements.

Be aware of buying Zhi Gao mods and Spin Sticks though – you will be disappointed in them and maybe in Pen Spinning in general, this crap scared a lot                                                of beginners away. They feel bad, spin bad and fall to pieces soon after buying.

Also don’t stick to selfmade mod for too long as well. Watch a video about selfmods on channel as well to know why I don’t recommend to use them instead of professionally made mods.

By the time you learn them, a pen mod from me would most likely arrive and you can move on, trying to do your first Simple linkage for beginners – Sonic Rise to ThumbAround.

If the mod hasn’t come yet – go to the Playlist section on my channel on YouTube, open Playlist with Theory and begin to watch them. At the same time you can continue practicing FingerPass as well – it is a simple trick, but it is not easy to do it smooth, a lot of practicing is required. FingerPass and Warming and stretching fingers– is a good start, nice foundation of your future progress.

After you receive the mod or mods from me – you should stick close to 2 Playlists on my channel – Trick Tutorials and Linkages and Combos. Learn tricks in the order, suggested in the playlist and then try to connect them, making the first linkages.

Follow me on Instagram, I am also on Facebook as well – follow there. If you liked this video – let me know about that, if you find it helpful – share it with your friends, let them know about our deep underground world of Pen Spinning.

May the style be with you, bye.


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