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How to take part in one of the videos on Pen Stock


Hello, guys!

I am always glad to see pen spinner's works, and also I'd love to share your skills to other people. What I mean is including your video in one of the theory videos on my channel. You will not need to show ALL your skills and prepare for the video for too long. The only thing we need is showing how you spin from time to time. So I would ask you to record one of your training - 10 minutes of messing around with the mod.

So, if you think your skill is good enough, you have Full HD camera - smartphone or another - doesn't matter - send e-mail to


With Topic: Video for the channel

In your e-mail you can send link to your video at any video hosting with example of what you can do, it can be:

freestyle, single combo, maybe video tutorial wich you might do on your YouTube channel - 

anything, which can show your skill and video quality.

After that I will reply you and tell how we can join in one video.


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