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How to Win in Monthly Giveaways on PenStock.net


You fund just 47 cents to help Pen Spinning grow and get a nice chance to win awesome prizes from penstock.net – shop for pen spinners - Help and Win, lifetime opportunity…

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning, and today I want to share with you my idea. I think, you are going to love it. At least, some guys would, those, who ask me to do giveaways. Well, here is a giveaway - helpful and easy to do. 47 cents is not a lot for you, but would make so much for Pen Spinning. Yeah, I was thinking about that for quiet a time, but didn’t want to actually make it till Spinbol would become a little bit more enjoyable. When I woud be able to show something, that would worth your attention.

Recently in addition to Tak-On games for pen spinners we added possibility to create and comment posts - Talking area, where you can upload photos of your pen mods or videos of your skills or any Pen Spinning related stuff you might want to show or to discuss. So, now Spinbol is pretty much a place, where we can spend some time with use and fun, but still it is very-VERY far from the ideal service for pen spinners.

Frankly speaking, this is less than 15% of what I would want to offer on Spinbol to make it a place, where all of us could discover maximum of what Pen Spinning can give. And it can give a lot, more than many-many other activities and hobbies.

To develop it faster, I need some help from you, as making it alone is difficult and slow.

With that in mind I made a simple way for you to help to add new features to Spinbol – you can go to penstock.net and easily find an item, called Spinbol Token, it is called so, because by helping with sending me 47 US cents, you also get a chance to win prize or prizes, marked in this item’s description.

Important note – if you get this item – no matter how many of them you order, but if there is nothing else in your order, you need to choose shipping method – No Delivery. In any other cases you need to choose post as a delivery method, even if you take Spinbol Token item with some other things from penstock.net – that’s a delivery cost, funding doesn’t require delivery, everything else, of course – does.

Also you need to proceed standard procedure of checking out – fill postal info, like your name and full postal address with a post code, e-mail, of course, so we could send you a tracking number of a package with a prize. If you don’t fill e-mail, I will treat it as a straight donation, and if you win a prize – I will keep it for myself.

But don’t do it, I want to express appreciation and I like to do giveaways, when they are useful and serve a better purpose. And what purpose could be better, than development of Pen Spinning! For that matter I will also figure out some personal additions to prizes, some exclusive stuff. And such giveaways are going to be like that, at least we raise enough funds to cover cost of a prize, of course. But anyway giveaway will be help, even if there would be only one participant, I will make live-stream and announce his name.

Though, if we would gather $200 – this way I will make additional drawing, and there would be 2 winners instead of just one. For $300 – 3 winners and yeah, let your friends know about this video to get more funds. This way we will draw more prizes and make Spinbol a really nice place.

By the way, in this item you will also find a link to Roadmap, where I will describe, which features we are gathering funds on at a moment and what is going to be in the nearest future right after that, maybe. There are a lot of things in plans, but I don’t want to reveal all of them, as maybe some ideas are not so good. Also in that Roadmap you will find a downloadable list of all the order numbers, which take part in current drawing. So you will know, how much we have gathered and how many winners we will have on a live-stream.

You can also get, for example, 2 of these items, which would cost you 0 dollars 94 cents and would double your chance to win.

With all that said I invite you to visit penstock.net, all the additional information about this and next drawings is there.

Click the link in the description and know, that I will thank you for any help you can provide – I mean any – spreading word about this campaign, funding in it, just taking part in games or in discussions on Spinbol. I am also open for suggestions about this service – there is a special category for them – About Spinbol.

Share this video, spread the word and let me know, what you think in the comment section below. Yes, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, if you still haven’t and push the bell to make sure you don’t miss live-stream. I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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