Do you want to learn this JEB-like wiper-combo?

Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here, you are on Pen Stock and today we will break down this beauty. It is an intermediate combo and to learn it should master Triple Infinity and Finger Pass reverse. That’s a complex combo, which consists of pretty many links mostly wipers, and I advise you to save this video to your educational Play List on YouTube, so you could return to it when you get one of its parts.

So we start with simple Infinity, and when the pen makes one full trick and returns to starting position, you should switch the finger – Index to Middle, just like that, and when you hold it between Thumb and Middle – make Infinity in slots T2-23, then again – we switch the fingers – now from Middle to Ring and make Infinity in slot 34.

Probably this one you would want to practice a little – Infinity to 34, make sure to do it nice and smooth, the pen should move freely in 34. You may want to bend your Ring finger a bit to give some room for moving.

Now repeat whole this part several times and master it, after that come back to the video and we will continue.

Alright, so we are with the pen in slot T3, athwart to the floor and need to do wiper in this slot, and as pen goes down, switch the fingers, you should replace Ring with Index finger and quickly place Ring finger from another side of grip, replacing Thumb. Pen mod will be placed in slot 13, looking down athwart to the floor, at this point straighten your Ring letting your mod go up. Make sure Middle finger stays away and lets the pen go up. This movement took some time from me to understand. It is not difficult, but you should practice it for some time to learn how to perform it nice and smooth.

The main thing is when you switch position of your Ring finger, it should move pretty fast from one side of the grip to another.

So, now the pen is in 13 looking up – make another wiper in this slot and when the pen goes down – put pinky under it, so the mod lands on this finger, like gets stopped by it. For 0.1 of a second mod would be placed between 1, 3 and 4. At this point take Index away and raise mod with pinky.

Alright, let’s repeat these linkages – wiper T3, grabbing in T1 at the same time we switch position of Ring finger, raising the mod in 13, wiper to 34.

And now we make reversed passes holding the pen by its grip only – that’s a wiper combo. If you have mastered FingerPass it is not going to be too difficult to do, but most likely passes are going to look jumpy. At this point you may test how many JEB is within you, as smoother you do these tricks – cooler it looks, you know, JEB is all about maximum smoothness.

OK, we make passes from 34 to 23 and end up in 12, the pen looks up, now make wiper in this slot and stop the pen’s movement with Ring finger. For a moment the pen is going to be placed in this position, between 1, 2 and 3. Move away your Index and raise the mod.

Let’s repeat this part. Smooth FingerPass reverse from 34 to 23, end up in 12. Wiper in 12 to 23.

Great, now we make pass reverse from 23 to 12, but instead of doing it vertically we make it at a certain angle, a bit closer to horizontal position, so the pen makes rotation counterclockwise while passing and when it gets to 12, we continue rotation, doing Charge Reverse in this slot, holding the pen by grips with most of its part looking down.

After you do full Charge reverse in 12 palm down – turn your wrist to Palm Side and take the mod in T1 at writing position.

This mini-combo is going to be a bit tricky as well, the most difficultness is in correct performing horizontal pass reverse. Practice this part separately – pass reverse 23-12, Charge Reverse 12 and land in writing position.

OK, now let’s repeat the whole combo to consolidate learning.

Infinity T1 – switching fingers to T2 – switching again to T3, Infinity in 34, switching from T3 to T1 and fast shifting Ring finger under the grip and grabbing the mod in 13, wiper, land the mod by Pinky, raise it and do Finger Pass Reverse from 34 to 12. Wiper in 12 to 23 – rotating pass reverese 23-12, Charge Reverse and writing position.

I hope you liked this combo the same way I did. If you want me to break down its second part – leave a like and a comment below this video. I will know, that you are interested in it if we get 40 likes under this video and make sequel to it with great ending.

Today I used Dr. Act mod for doing the combo, it is a great universal mod and it fits wipers very well. To make it more JEB-like you can use a single capped unbalanced Mod, such as Seven G3 for example. With enough practice you are going to make it much smoother with something like it.

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May the style be with you, bye.


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