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Interview with i.suk


1. How did you met PS?
I saw some friends doing thumbaround back in 2007, then I searched pen spinning on youtube and saw JapEn 1st.

2. Your aim in PS now 
I want to expand 1p2h, 2p2h, power, dense linkages etc and combine everything.

3. Your favourite trick 
Mirr pp rev pinky ss variations

4. What is the hardest trick for you? 
In 10 year solo time 3:37 is hardest 3 seconds I've ever filmed: mirr pp rev pinky ss - left hand indexspin rev 2.0 - mirr pp rev pinky ss


5. Your favourite trick 
Repeated question 3, my 2nd favourite trick is variations of my WT17 R6's start (2 hand interlaced twirl fall)

6. Your ideal PS community in future 
It'd be great if everyone can share ideas and organise events together, and hopefully other spinners can have chances to meet their friends overseas to talk and spin together!

7. What is your favourite spinner and why 
Supawit, he inspired me and supported me a lot and he's kept improving while doing crazy tricks so effortlessly.


8. Give some advices for beginners 
Enjoy every aspect of PS - take your time to improve gradually, love watching videos from others and learning from them, enjoy being stimulated by interesting breakdowns, drops and mistakes are natural part of learning ^^ Practice the same set of tricks or linkages every day until you are good at them before you move onto trying different things.

9.Did your ever tried PSing in parks or other public places? 
Yes, some people are quite fascinated by it, but other people just walk past.

10. Your wishes for PS community
I want people to try different things and push level further than what's currently done, there's still so much more to explore in PS. Don't be constrained by what people can do now or think that stuff is impossible x) You'd be surprised of the improvement that can happen after you remove mental restraints.


Prepared by Ivan Vegera

Pedro Lousinha
ISukPs is always so humble. Love his spins too
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