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Interview with PPM.



Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and today I would want to make an experimental video. With the help of Ivan Vegera, my friend and support, I want to introduce you to a great Thai spinner, one of those guys who took part in one of the most famous, maybe the most famous Pen Spinning videos on Youtube – Epic Pen Spinning by Kuma Films, PPM, whose mod, PPM as it is, is extremely popular in our community.


Hope you will like this video and it would help you to find out more about one of the representatives of our underground community. And some of you will find out that he exists, lol.


Unfortunately, we had no chance to talk in person, so the questions, which Ivan asked I will pronouns just as if spoke face to face. It may seem funny, but don’t you laugh, hey, I do what I can!


By the way, let me remind you about PENSTOCK.NET. All a pen spinner could wish you can find there with the fast and cheap delivery all over the world. And now without any further ado take your pen and start to spin, we begin.

How did you meet Pen Spinning? 
In 2008,a elementary classmate teach me the first trick like this,and also teach me thumb around,but only basic single trick,1 year after,I decide to learn real pen spinning,I google*pen spinning*,and found TWPS forum,find many psers and tutorials,start my penspinning road 

What is your favorite mod? 
It’s a long crayon pen with plastic tube,and put some magnet on the 2 side,its really heavy and ugly mod,but help me to learn many basic tricks 

What trick is the hardest for you? 
I think is pun new,it took me the most time to find the right spinning position and balance,I use half year to reach 20 times,but I feel really happy,because it looks strong and cool. 
What do you think about MXses? 
I think RSVP mod its too light for me,and hard to control its balance,I really respect some JEB spinners that can use it so well,and have very pretty style. 
What is your favourite mod? 
I always change my spinning mod,I had use DR.AC,Air AC.ppm mod,Ian jenson mod too many mods,this month I like to use this mod,its 3shine mod,really,its from ian jenson,really good to practice continue trick,so just follow with my mood 

What do you think about "Epic Pen Spinning" by Kuma Films? 
Its interesting to cooperate with them,they are professional camera man,and so its funny to film the video with ian jenson x1213 schung…we try many relay tricks then,hope they invite me for the new project next time. 

What do you think about the ideal Pen Spinning Community? What would it be? 
I want to hold a pen spinning workshop in the furture,and share pen spinning tips and experience to spinners and friends,and also want to be a live pen spinning competitions judge,its gonna be cool for me 

Did Pen Spinning influent on your life? 
Yeah,it changed me a lot.before meeting pen spinning,I don’t have good talents like someone can playing piano,and dancing,or sporting…. But now I can play pen spinning well,even film videos or participate competition,made me get much confidence. 
Also made me know many good friends,paly pen spinning together,that is the best thing. 

Whom can you call your favorite Pen Spinner? 
I like x1213 and peem, 
because teach me a lot when I was a beginner,I am appreciate it a lot,and I also filmed some interesting videos with him together before,it’s so fun! 
And peem inspired me a lot about practicing power tricks,I really like to do fl combo,it’s so fun for me.also he created many tricks like hai tua,palm spin to fl ta,pun new,and he has a strong style,I respect him so much. 

Your wishes to PS community 
I hope that we can have more live events like zhi gao cup, before,make more spinners from different countries can practice pen spinning together,it will be helpful for spinner’s improvement. 

If you liked this video – let me know about that – leave a like or also you can leave a comment of whom you would like to see in one of the next videos. I hope some day we could speak with PPM at least by skype. Till that time – subscribe to the channel, pen spinning grows and blossoms here. Check out playlists with trick and link tutorials, pen mod reviews and a many other useful stuff. May the style be with you, bye!


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