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1. How did you found pen spinning?
...I'm try to find my new hobby for my freetime when i was kid then i love it

2. Have you ever tried another skill toys?
...Yes i love Skateboarding and Kendama haha

3.What do you think about long nails?
...Hard to spin

4. What is your favourite style and wht?
...I like Power trick so i like power trick style but all style is good

5. How much time do you spend on pen spinning in the beginning and now?
...i'm never count it but when i was kid i'm bored in class room i will pen spinning haha

6. What is your aim in pen spinning?
...First time i want to be good pen spinner like my pen spinner idol and join pen spinning compeition but now I think it more than that aim because pen spinning can be more in my life

7. What is your hardest trick?
...Spread and many linkage haha

8. Why did you start PSing?
...i have too much freetime

9. Advantages and disadvantages of PS
...Advantages is pratice you focus ...disadvantages is nonsense

10. How other people treat you in beginning? And how they treat you now?
...I love you

11. Your favourite mod?
...i like my own mod i don't know how to say this name but i like to making mod with material around me

12. Your favourite trick?
...Pun kan haha

13. What will be better : pen spinning will become very popular, or stay underground hobby?
...i'm not interesting this but if pen spinning become beneficial to others. is ok.

14. How do you see a perfect PS community?
...Shared many thing

15. Your wishes to PS community
...Pen Spinning is activitie to network us then if i can use pen spinning for beneficial i will do it


Prepared by Ivan Vegera


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