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Ivan Mod (Buster CYL 2) - How To Make PEN MOD for Pen Spinning.




Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and in this video I want to show you how you can make a good heavy pen mod, which is called Ivan Mod or Buster CYL 2 – sometimes people call it this way as well. Ivan Mod is one of TOP 5 recommended pen mods for beginners in Pen Spinning, I have made the video about these TOP 5 mods and you can check it out if still haven’t. And in future I think I would make a video review of this very popular heavy mod, search it out on my channel on YouTube, maybe it is already there.

You can use this tutorial to modify the mod which you already have as well, or just to know, how it is done, just to your interest. Because – yeah, you can buy it directly from me on penstock.net – specialized shop for pen spinners, so you wouldn’t need to go through all the tortures, which I am going to go through today. No, just joking, Ivan mod is pretty easy to make.

So, to make Ivan Mod you will need:

A simple pencil or a useless body or both, a sharp office knife or a blade, or a scalpel, something really sharp, a ruler, and I will use this piece of carton to prevent my table from damaging. And clue, you will need clue as well.

2 Crayola bodies, I will use these 2 bodies to make certain color scheme.

1 air fit grip

2 air fit tips

2 air fit rings

Anyball grip – you will need 4 sections of this grip, I will show with this dark blue, as it is left after I tried to make my first Ivan yesterday. Yes, guys, I am not a pen modder, my hands grow directly out of ass, if you feel the same – please be very careful with the knife. If you are not, most likely you will make something more beautiful than my first experience

OK, so that’s all we need to make Ivan mod, if you don’t have any of this stuff – you can order it from penstock.net, go to the spare parts sections and pick up all the necessary stuff.

So first of all take one of the Crayola ST bodies and cut 4 cm pieces from both sides of it, take a look at the side where colored lead should be, this side, you need to measure 4 cm from the edge, where the body actually starts. Take your knife and push the body with it. Than wheel it several times. There are 2 ways of cutting this edge from the body – you can cut it a bit and than break the body, or push it strong enough till the body cuts with the knife.

I prefer the second way, as the first may make edge of the piece look slovenly.

Alright, so we cut the crap  out of this body from both sides, middle part goes to garbage bin, we won’t need it anymore and that was  the hardest part actually, it strongly depends on the sharpness of your tool. Remember to be very careful while doing this and if you have injured yourself – please don’t tell that in the comment section below, I don’t want to imagine your pain and blood streams from the finger.

Now we need to prepare 2 pieces of anyball grips. To do that take the pencil or the useless body, it may be a pen, something to put the grip on. After we put it on we count 2 sections and push the grip into the indent by the knife. After that roll the mod guiding the knife along the indent several times. Make it slow and careful to make the cutting smooth.

Alright, put it away and cut another 2 sections piece the very same way.

Alright, looks nice, doesn’t it?

So now we take airfit grip and put it on a pencil, something thin enough to be able to put it on without any troubles. Than get it close to a ruler and put the knife at the middle. Air Fit grip is 4.5 cm long, so the middle would be at the point of 2.2 cm. Push the grip at this place pretty hard and wheel the body around, guiding the knife along the grip.

Try to hold the knife strong and straight, otherwise the edge would look bad and uneven, like this. Anyway, here I made a mistake putting this edge at the external side of my mod, yeah, you will be able to hide it.

Now we need to put the anyball grip pieces to the Crayola body pieces. I would recommend to do it like this, first pull it over from one side to another, then pull to this side. I would not recommend to do it from the side which you cut, do it from the clean side, otherwise you may damage the grip. Now connect the Crayola parts like this, from both side put on air fit rings.

OK, so now we take one of the air fit tips and put it on a side of pencil, like this, then put it through the grip, starting with the side, which was cut to hide the uneven edges. Now, just put the grips on the body and adjust them to be nice and flat.

Congratulations! Your Ivan Mod is ready. Of course you can choose any color scheme you want. To make colorful bodies you may get copies of Crayola bodies. Original bodies are available too, but they are only or black, also more expensive, but original good quality bodies.

Anyway the choice is up to you. If you liked this video, let me know about that by leaving a comment or like or both, share this and other videos with your friends, check out other Playlist with pen mod reviews and others as well, yeah. May the style be with you, bye.


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