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Kin - Interview


1. Your favourite mod and why.
1. It is my personal mod which is a retractable mx with sailor gel grip on the cap. Because I want to spin a real pen which is writable even in a tournament and I like the appearance of single cap mod.

2. Your favourite body and why
2. It is Rsvp body. Because it is clear so that I can use insert and compare with other common clear body it provides longer spinning area.

3. Your favourite spinner and why
3. kin. I favor myself because I cannot find an ideal spinner nowadays. Therefore I practice to do freestyles that I want to watch.


4.Which style is favourite for you?
4. My favourite style is to combine as many different area of tricks as possible in a freestyle which means more varieties.

5. Your aim in th pen spinning
5. My aim in ps is to make more people remember my spinning. I am participating in more CV and tournament to reach my goal.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of PS
6. Pros. It is one of the most convenient activities that people can spin in everywhere and at every time. Penspinners can learn join CV and tournament on the internet. And the achievement of penspinner is not bound to the his/her appearance and physical fitness. Practice makes perfect. 
Cons. It cannot earn money. The judging criteria in tournament is unstable which always creates ridiculous results.


7. What pen spinning changed in your life?
7. My life is less boring after i ps. It is full of enjoyment to share my spinning and communicate with other spinners. Also practice to be good enough to take part in world tournament gives me accomplishment.

8. Why people droping PS?
8. The convenience of PS may overlap with smartphone. People nowadays can find much enjoyment every time and everywhere because of the development of smartphone. Plus pen spinning is not easy to learn. It costs so much time to capture a satisfied video. The PS community is not as big as other hand activities that makes spinners feel lonely can also be one of the reasons.


9. What will be better : PS stays underground hobby or become very popular?

9. I would prefer PS stays underground hobby. It may be cool to become popular but it is not likely to be so if PS cannot make money.

10. How did you met PS in a first time?
10. I browse videos which look amazing on youtube and then I find a CV which is Penzone 4th. I am suddenly in love with the technique and performance of this activity.

11. What do you think about LED mods?
11. I tried one LED mods which is called penmawashi made in japan and i thought it was too heavy for me. But I also feel too heavy about the trendy double cap mods (ivan mod, menowa mod) so i cannot not tell. The lighting effect is cool though.

12. Your wishes to PS community
12. Arrange more universal events other than tournaments.



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