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Levels of different games on Spinbol


Hello, guys!

Here are some rules for different levels of Tak-On on Spinbol. As you can see, each of them has a level, which can be recognised by quanity of the stars here:


Each of them represents difficultness of a particular game. You can also check out the general quick tutorial of how to play Pen Spinning games on Spinbol, by clicking this link

Take a look at this awesome graphical guide for tricks, made by Megas:


0 star - Zero Level

You don't earn points first 12 turns for each post. After 12 turn you earn 1 point for a post. This level is for complete beginners, who want to try, but can't participate in games yet.

1 star  - Beginner Level

Each turn you get 1 point. After 12 turn you get 2 points for each turn.

You can use only tricks from the first two blocks:

Fundamentals and Basics

You can't use Double Tricks, Rise & Fall based tricks, power and aerial tricks, only basic and low intermediate tricks.

This level is only for beginners, who want to progress and learn how to lonl tricks.

2 stars - Intermediate Level

Each turn you get 2 points. After 12 turn you get 3 points for each turn.

You can use tricks from the first 4 blocks

 Fundamentals, Basics, Confirmed and Advanced

You can't use Tripple tricks, power, hard and aerial tricks.

3 stars - Expert Level

Each turn you get 3 points. After 12 turn you get 4 points for each turn.

You have no restrictions in using tricks.


Fergio Theo Parnelo
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