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m1ch1 - Interview


1. How did you meet a pen spinning?

1. At first i did something that was kinda like a fingerpass when i was bored in schooled and then i googled "pen tricks" and learned the thumbaround and the other basics. After some months i wanted to learn more and made an account on GPC und UPSB and that was the moment when began to enter the community.

3. You favourite trick.

3. Like i already mentioned a weird fingerpass thing i did in school but my first "real trick" was the thumbaround
Actually i don't really have a favorite trick but i like linkages that include sonic clips and other sonic variation ( even though sonic was the hardest basic trick for me to learn)


4. Your favourite body and grip.

4. So my favorite body are Super Pirat bodies because they have an awesome feeling after you have spun them gor quiet a while. They are not too grippy or too slippery. I don't pay that much attention to grips in general but i probably like G2 grips the most.

5. You favourite video about PS

5. That's a really difficult question to answer because there are many ps videos i like and defined different times of my penspinning "life". Out of my head i would the ones that i enjoyed and watched the most are JapEn 6th, potato 6th and SPSL's 8th.

6. You favourite mod and why.

6.I think MX because i spun it the most i don't exactly know why but maybe because it looks nice and resembles somewhat of a normal pen and i was maybe too much inspired by some japanes spinners in the past


7. What mods were in your collection?

7. There are too many mods to list them (and too many of them are MXs, i think like over 40). They are mostly MXs, comssa variations and some KTs.

8. What mod is worth for you?

8. 8. I assume you mean it on personal level, i think i am attached to MX, because of the above stated reason but also because they are cheap and simple too make and they have some many color combinations and you can never have enough of them.

9. Your favourite spinner (and why)

9. Iroziro, because he has so many cool linkages, so much control over the pen and i like the pacing of his spinning.

10. Your wishes to PS community
10. I would say be supportive of each other because the ps community is not the biggest and we have to stick together and help it grow. Especially to the Russian community and other community that are maybe internationally not the most know, but it is always good to have a community in your native language and it creates diversity in the ps world. Also you are important to younger spinners you look for resources in their language and don't speak english that well, you are the gate to the penspinning world for them, so keep it up and help the ps scene to grow



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