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Pen Mod collection - full REVIEW of my Pen Spinning mods


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17. I have only 17 pen mods in my collection right now. Gonna show you all of them in this video, I think, it will be interesting, as there are only the best of the best pen mods – from my point of view and at a certain period of time, but still.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning, everything about it. Today I will show you my pen mod collection, which is not very big actually, less than 20 pen mods. There were also 2 more Waterfalls, another Buster CYL and 3 Flying Pandas, some of those mods, which are not in my collection anymore, I gave to my friends, some of them I have lost, so in total I had something about 23 pen mods and from now on I am not going to get rid of my mods anymore, no, sir.

To begin I’ll take this one – No Problem mod. Very popular first self-mod in CIS countries for a nice barrel, not ideal, it is also very cheap and you can feel that, touching this mod, but still. I took caps from other pens, spent some time to find appropriate ones, and these grips, it was a real pain to find grips, which would fit these caps. To my mind it is not the worst example of the first self-mod, in general people make much worse, than that. But as you can see, it looks like crap, feels like crap, spins like crap. I hold it only for memory and almost never spin.

In about 2 weeks, more or less, maybe 3 weeks have passed, I received this Dr. KT, which became my main pen mod for a long time. When I got it, new, beautiful, sailor gel grips were clean and new, body was smooth and shiny, I couldn’t stop staring on it for hours, days, months. You know that feeling, which only the first real pen mod can give you, after weeks of practicing with a first self-mod, if you still don’t, I envy you. You may appreciate next mods more, they could fit your needs better, may be more exclusive, there are a lot of things for one mod to be better, than another. But the first one will always be the first, that doesn’t concern self-mods, of course, I mean real ones. Check my video about self-mods to know more, what I am talking about and what I have against them before writing comment, that “all the mods, except for FMM’s are self-mods”.

Dr. KT is a good pen mod, my progress boosted really fast, I still like it and spin from time to time – at least 3 times a week I take it in hands. In a couple of months I got tired from it and felt, that my style and effectiveness suffered from using only heavy pen mod, and Dr. KT is pretty heavy.

I wanted to make something by myself and this EKGM mod became my second self made mod. I spent a lot of time and energy on searching for spare parts for it, for making it. It consists of 2 barrels connected using a piece of paper, I if I remember it right, instead of connector or any other, for example, and also I used super-glue, which dripped on the body, so I had to try to erase it. As you can see, I also erased some painting and now this mod looks not OK. It also spins bad, I don’t really like it and don’t use at all, maybe once or twice per year I would take it to mess around.

But I wanted to have something lighter and decided to get 2 semi-light mods – Waterfall and Flying Panda, together, the ones, which I don’t have any more. I have a video comparison of Flying Panda and Waterfall, watch it as well to learn more about them – both are decent mods, my favorite ones.

At the beginning I liked Flying Panda much more, it became my main mod for 2 years, I guess, it was like spinning a magical wand, how it feels, how it looks, how it flies in your hand – just awesome, for a beginner it is one of the best choices, to my opinion – the best for now.

After awhile I began to appreciate Waterfall more. And that’s when I need to stop telling in chronological order, because the next pen mods – I don’t really remember, which one I got after another. Waterfall, right now I have 2 of them, one I always keep in my working place, another – at home. Simple and nice design, great momentum with medium weight. I have  a separate video about this pen mod, it was made pretty long ago, but you should watch it to have better idea about Waterfall – link in the description. My favorite mod, I often change pens, as spinning only one gets boring eventually and also different elements go better with different mods, but I always return to Waterfall and that’s what you can see in my turns on Spinbol, by the, how many points have you already earned there? Let me know in the comment section.

The next one – Minwoo mod. This one is screwed, I can’t find time to fix it and I have lost my knife to get rid of this tape, ugly. But in general, guys, Minwoo is one of the gems of my collection. I like how it looks and it also spins great, good momentum, pretty heavy mod. I am a big fan of Minwoo mod, I think it awesome – very nice design, my favorite Super Pirat body. It looks like a single capped mod, but it is only a design feature, because it spins and feels like Double Capped with a center of gravity at its middle.

And to try, what would happen if we make actual DC mod out of Minwoo, I also got Twister mod – it is very similar to Minwoo mod, but with 2 DG tips at both sides. It feels similar, but, that’s maybe only my subjective feeling, it spins somehow a bit stiffer than Minwoo. I don’t know how to explain this vague feeling, like Minwoo spins softer, a little bit not so intense momentum. For smoothness I would choose Minwoo, for power tricks – Twister, maybe, this explanation would be closer to the truth, but not that accurate.

Anyway, let’s move on to the next mod here. The one, which I love and use really a lot. Well, this one may look weird, you may think, it is too thick for your hands, as it is on Emboss body, yeah, it is Everchix Emboss. Of course, it is not too big for your hands, that’s a misconception, you have no requirements on pen mod’s thickness and can spin thick mods in small hands as well as thin mods in big paws. Great mod for mixed spinning, when you want some smoothness and want to make some power tricks as well. Good for everything. I also like it’s marked center, it comes in handy, when you learn new linkages. But frankly speaking I rarely use it for learning linkages, mostly power, aerial tricks, different spins. Also to master elements, for learning most of the time I take Waterfall.

Oh, Ajisai Comssa, the lightest mod in my collection. The best of the light mods I have ever tried, due to its great momentum, for its weight, of course. If your fingers are tired, aching, if you want to practice style, smoothness, this is a good choice. You can also practice power tricks with this mod as well, and that’s crazy, as right now I don’t know any other pen mod below 14 gramm, which is fine for power tricks. And Ajisai Comssa is only 12! I love it.

Dr. ACT, variation of Dr. KT. They spin differently a bit. That’s a common thing, you could add 2 rubber grip, and it would make your mod spin completely another way. I think Dr. AC fits beginner’s needs better, than Dr. KT, I think I like it more, at least I spin it more often, than my Dr. KT. It may be because it is much newer, but probably that’s not the real reason. Dr. AC is more universal, it is easier to make smooth combos with it, even though it is 20 gr, which is a hell of a lot! Yeah, it spins like crazy, mad momentum, cool design. I like the grips, which are very handy when it comes to wipers. If it was about 2 gramms lighter, it would be my favorite pen mod, I think. I spin it very often, but not for a long time, as, really, 20 grams is heavy.

Another 20 gr mod – VGG mod, by VicGotGame, like improved Ivan mod – very long, very heavy, but at the same time it doesn’t feel that stiff as Dr. AC, it spins more softly, as it has AirFit tips, not Dr. Grip tips, which are responsible for hardness and aggressiveness of spinning of a pen mod. VGG is one of the best mods for power, aerial tricks, different spins. When you take it in a hand, you begin try to make Palm spins, thumbspins, multiple busts or FL TA’s continuously. It is hard to spin something else not because it is harder with VGG, but because it, like, it demands you to do power tricks.

Another good mod for power tricks – famous Buster CYL also known as Peem mod, I think, one of the most famous mods in the whole wide world at least in the past, a few years ago. Now its popularity is less than of its variation – Ivan Mod, which is also great and I think about adding it to my collection as well. But so far Buster CYL is one of my favorites and I spin it a lot, very good. On penstock.net you can order it with AirFit rings in most cases, but I spin it without them. Did you know that originally Spinnerpeem, who created this mod, didn’t use rings and even these Anyball grips in his mod. And even though, without these weighing parts, back those days in 2008 it was considered to be the heaviest mod and people even argued if it can be used in Pen Spinning. How much further we have moved since those days, huh.

OK, the rest pen mods I spin rarely and here is why. Well, I can say why about all of them, except for this 12ve mod. It is very old, this pen mod I got with my first Waterfall and Flying Panda. It is 18 gr, but spins like a lighter mod, maybe due to its thin body – Comssa. I don’t know why I don’t use it much, when in fact 12ve mod is really great, I have not a single complaint about it, but just can’t help, I don’t like it, just don’t like how it feels. It is so subjective.

I know why I don’t like Tornado mod – it is too light, working space is too short, momentum is not enough, grips get covered with dust willingly and get cleaned unwillingly, it is almost impossible to make it clean. So Tornado always looks like an Apocalypse survivor. It is not good for learning new elements, but it is fun to mess around with from time to time, once per month, I think.

This mod, I always forget, how it is called! Right in the comment section below, if you recognize it and know, what’s its name. It is just great, I received it recently, about a week ago and can’t say, that I spin it rarely. All the new mods – when I get them, I spin them a lot, this one is Emboss Caps and body with Anyball grips and Signo tips in them. You know, what I realized? I like Emboss body, I really do, will need to get more Emboss body mods as right now there are only Everchix Emboss and this… man, how could I forget it’s name again…

F!r3fly G3, the only G3-based mod in my collection. As well as Minwoo, it only looks Single Caps, while it feels and spins as Double Capped mod – center balanced and heavy. Yeah, heavy and fragile at the same time. That’s why I don’t spin it much – this junction breaks easily and if you do break it – say “bye-bye” to your Firefly. Also it spins – meh, not bad, but not that great. Despite of all this, it  is legendary. It looks awesome, very customizable. In fact, spinning Firefly gives you less fun, than aesthetic pleasure of spinning a really nice thing. But still it is nice to spin on a coach or above a soft pillow, several pillows, soft ones.

Is that it? Are these the all pen mods, which I have? No, there is one left – Twilight mod. It is a LED mod, , which I keep only for special occasions, which never happen. I should spin it more often, because it is the best LED mod I know so far. I have a video TOP LED mods, you can check it out. From rational point of view I understand, that these batteries will work for a long time, but always tend to save energy and don’t spin. But it is really cool – to spin a LED mod.

Don’t forget to leave a like and check out the videos I mentioned today, if you haven’t seen them before. Go to spinbol.com to play pen spinning games and learn new combos. Follow me on Instagram and FaceBook – everything is in description.

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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