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Pen Spinning will NOT be Popular. (ft. PPM)


Pen Spinning is coming to end, no, it is already there.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, channel about the most beautiful and fascinating art of Pen Spinning. Have you heard such silly sentences about our beloved hobby? Like, Pen Spinning was popular back then, but now it is completely buried in oblivion. I see people saying that pretty often and I disagree.

From the other hand there are several reasons why Pen Spinning is not popular and never will be. It is obtainable and mindblowing – you need only 5 fingers on at least one of your hands and at least one eye to learn how to do extraordinary things with simple objects – that’s why there always will be people, wanting to learn it and to show to others. But their number will always be small.

PPM, also known as PooPooMan – legend of Pen Spinning, one of the best power spinners in the world – is going to help me to make this video more spectacular, he has offered his breathtaking freestyles and I want to thank you, buddy, for that. Guys, you can find links to his Social Media in the description under this video.

So, is Pen Spinning dead? Of course it is not. And why would it? As soon as there are at least 10 guys, who practice tricks with pen, it is going to stay alive, as for my opinion.

Pen Spinning was born at the beginning of 20th century, so it is now more than 100 years old, and during this time it hasn’t died, even though there was no internet till the last 20 years give or take. I mean internet wasn’t available for majority of people. For example I got it at home only at about 2007, how about that? Before that I had to go to internet café or to my friends to play Warcraft 3 on Battlenet or chat with somebody from another city or whatever useless stuff I did on internet back then.

For a very long period of time Pen Spinning was surviving even though people had extremely limited means of communication, ways of sharing their knowledge, learning new skills, developing old ones.

There was no Pen Stock channel to teach them everything by means of Full HD 50 fps videos! How did they even manage to keep PS alive to this day, I wonder! Joke-joke, don’t take it so serious – Jesus.

As we can see on this picture – peak of popularity of Pen Spinning was at 2007 to 2008 – early years of modern Pen Spinning. It was the time of Bonkura, who was an idol for a lot of pen spinners and who did a lot for popularization of Pen Spinning. Do you know about him? Poll right now, it is really interesting to know, how many people know Bonkura, as back then he was huge in Pen Spinning, and to my mind, he should not be forgotten.

As you can see, there is a downturn in PS popularity, which has started in several months after sorrowful death of Bonkura. I wonder if these facts are connected or not. My guess is – yes, they are.

And this downturn is happening today, still… Though… wait a second… You know, it looks like there is a little hope, maybe there is nowhere to fall further and Pen Spinning is going to bounce.

Pen Spinning is not going to be very popular, but it wouldn’t die either, especially now, when people have possibility to film their skills much easier than before.

You can see it by yourself, level of beginner penspinners grows much-MUCH faster than it used to back then. To develop his mastery till the level, which he showed in the first Solo, Bonkura had been practicing hard for more than 7 years. Now some pen spinners can show more difficult (but still less creative) combos within first 3 years of spinning.

That’s because now we have much more knowledge, tips, examples, more available better quality videos, which you now can easily slow down – it wasn’t possible on YouTube a few years ago for pen spinners of the past. As well, they had pretty limited access to high quality properly made pen mods and had to make them by themselves or find sellers on internet, and scamming was pretty common thing – when people paid, and didn’t not get their pen mods.

And this massive of knowledge and information grows exponentially, even though Pen Spinning itself seems to fall of. Only seems – remember my words. Let’s check out google trends at September 2019, how things would go by that time – what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

October 2018 was the month, when UPSB – the main place for meeting of different pen spinners from all over the world – died. It is very pity, and I was really glad to find archives of this forum, as it is a bottomless goldmine of precious information. But why did it die? I think just because it got outdated, not because Pen Spinning is dead. They tried to renew it by redesigns, updating how it looks – making new versions. But the main thing was – forums are about to die, people don’t use them as much as they used before.

When I got to UPSB at 2014 it was pretty crowded, by the way. It was so much fun in there. But closer to its end it seemed, that I was the only one posting in there with my videos of Pen Stock. There were a few people in chat, but it also was quite slow. Death of UPSB served as a symbol of death of old era of Pen Spinning and had to inaugurate genesis of new era. And all of us – you and me, we are heralds of this new era, more mature, more conscious.

Why Pen Spinning is not going to be mass popular? Well, there are a few reasons:

The first and the main one – it is hard. It requires time and a lot of efforts. It makes you go beyond your comfort zone, and people don’t like that.

You can see – harder an activity is – less popular it is. You get a very high amount of mental reward after achieving new things in PS, but to achieve them, you need to try numerous times and be very patient.

Let’s estimate suppositive percentage of people who could become  good pen spinners. I assume, that they divide by 2 on each step, that’s what I mean:

Let’s say, 100 people saw any pen spinning promo video – whether it is collab, solo, maybe Kuma films, maybe they saw a guyin a park – wherever they see a guy spinning a mod. 50 of them would be amazed as other 50 would just pass by.

I am assuming these numbers, though in fact I think they are not quite accurate, and percentage of people, who would be amazed, is less than 50.

But let’s go with 50/50. So 50 people said “WOW” and 25 of them forgot what they’ve just seen in 1 minute – there are cute cats, guys, counting to 100 thousands in one take, a lot of much more interesting and useful stuff. The other 25 people typed “pen spinning” on Youtube or Google and found info about it, what it is, how you can learn it, what you need etc.

Out of these 25 – 13 are going to say “Yeah, cool” and stop searching right at this moment. 12 – will actually try to do some of fundamental tricks with some stick or simple pen or pencil. 6 of them will rage quit after maximum 1 hour of continuous attempting to do Thumb Around, maybe other 6 would try to make their selfmod and go on till Reverse fundamentals.

3 of the rest guys would smash their selfmod of a wall or their head in rage and only the rest 3 people would go further up to level, when fun actually starts.

This percentage is pretty optimistic, most likely actual numbers would be even smaller, but as you can see – only 3% of people, who have seen pen spinning are going to join community and choose it as their thing. Do you think many people even know what pen spinning is? Try to ask those around you and let me know – how many people, who know what Pen Spinning is you have found.

I can hardly name 1 of 100, who tells me “Oh, isn’t it pen spinning?” 99% always ask – “What the hell are you doing and can it write?” Maybe I am lucky to find this 1 man, it was actually 1 man, who knew what it is.

So, how many people become pen spinners? 3% out of 1% of all people, how about that?

That’s why pen spinning is not going to be crowded. Well, it’s not that bad, from the other hand. Less people – more oxygen for each of those who are left. You are always going to be one of few, you will always be able to do things, which the total majority believes to be impossible.

There are also some other problems, which can be solved, unlike the main one. First of them – lack of good quality content about Pen Spinning. Good channels, which used to be great some day, now look pretty outdated or abandoned, I mean channels, like mine, for example – Superwalrus, Ktrinh93, the ones, which teach other people different stuff, show them pen mods, entertain, like there was a nice channel of a guy named Tek, who did creative videos about Pen Spinning.

The other thing is lack of one place for gathering and spending time together, sharing knowledge, just chatting, showing self-mods – only for good pen modders ugly monsters with tape instead of grips don’t count.

OK, it is already a pretty long video, though I still haven’t told everything I wanted – there are some more reasons, why pen spinning is not popular, by the way, if you have some thoughts regarding this matter – leave them in the comment section, time to be more active. You will see, if we would make pen spinning more popular – it would be great for each of us – more content, more possibilities, much more fun and motivation to reach new limits of skill. With that in mind – share this video and other videos on this channel, or maybe videos from other channels – Menowa’s, PPM’s, by the way. Found a good video about Pen Spinning – share it, promote it wherever you can – social media, web-sites everywhere.

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye.


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