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Roadmap of Spinbol


Here are some features, which I'd want to add to Spinbol in the following order in the nearest future:

1. Add levels for pen spinners. So they could earn new levels according to quantity of points, which they have earned. So basically points would become some kind of exp and each level would require more points to earn, than previous ones.

2. Make Rank-List, where we would see spinbollers, who earned more points. Each month this list will be reset, so each month everybody would have equal chances to be on top of it. I also want to reward TOP spinbollers each month with prizes from penstock.net

3. Add new Tak-On game modifications for those spinbollers, who earned high levels. These games should make experience more diverse and fun, also they will have advanced reward system and let earn more points and will be available to take part in only for high level spinbollers.  

4. Change design of the web-site, as right now it looks a bit weird:) We want to make Spinbol more user-friendly and add prompts and ways to speak to each other right IN GAMES, so you wouldn't need to go to discussion area to speak.

5. Add achievements for user profiles.

There are also a few decorative things, which need to be done, such as: put dates of posts and turns in games, put a name of a last spinboller, who made a turn in main Tak-On page.

All these changes is not much, but they need to be done, before we could start to make serious add-ons.

And here is the downloadable file of order numbers, which take part in drawing in June (updates each Monday). If you took a Spinbol Token, you will see your order number in here, if you took several Tokens in one order - you will see your number several times.

List of order numbers


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