Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhoff is here and the time has come. Recently Sangean has left a comment under my video about first mods for beginners, asking me if RSVP MX is a good mod or not. And today I will reply to this comment and let you know my subjective thoughts about this pen mod. I will try to be as objective as it’s possible though, so you could rely on my opinion, if you don’t have your own yet. If you do have – write it down in the comment section below this video on YouTube.

Alright, so RSVP MX is a single capped mod, which was created by Kam, a very old pen spinner, who did really a lot for pen spinning in the past. Length of mod is 19 cm and weight of only 12 gram. You will be surprised, but RSVP MX (MX goes for MAXIMUM, by the way) is a third and the heaviest mod of RSVP series, created by Kam, the first two were RSVP V1 and V2 – much lighter and shorter than MX and weren’t popularized so much as MX, which deserved a special place in pen modding among single caped mods.

OK, so we are done with the boring technical part, let’s move on to the actual review of an actual pen mod, which you can order in the best shop for pen spinners – penstock.net, with the cheap and fast delivery all over the world. This review is going to be about RSVP fine MX – a little bit different body from an original MX,  it hardly makes any differ, as the features are completely the same.

I am talking about classical MX’s, without any modifications which may make it heavier and add momentum.

First of all – I would not recommend RSPV MX to any beginner. I don’t understand why some pen spinners do this, as it is too close to an unmodded pen by its features and qualities.

Let’s speak about some contras of this mod:

1)       It is hard to spin and to control. That’s the main reason why I would recommend you to be careful with choosing to buy this one as your first premade mod. MX’s are hard to spin even for skilled pen spinners – center of gravity is skewed to the cap, momentum is close to zero. In fact experience of spinning RSVP MX is close to spinning a simple pen or mechanical pencil, not fun for majority of spinners.

2)      All the next points are going to be connected with the fact it is almost unspinnable for most of users. Though if your nerdness is bigger than the one of an average pen spinner, yeah, if you are a nerd among the nerds, if you get pleasure from making extremely tough things, saddling of this mod may bring you a lot of fun.

Also, depending on what you expect  from pen spinning it may prevent you from achievement of your goals or make you closer to them. To my mind most of pen spinners want to impress people with their skill.

Our hobby is a some kind of contact juggling. It is a pretty controversial statement, but I think most of us want to perform impressive spectacular moves with pens at least at the beginning of our journey in world of pen spinning.

During spinning with very light unbalanced mods such as RSVP MX you can perform movement of your fingers more than movement of your tool in your hands. First matter impresses unprepared people and may lead them to find out more about the hobby, the second one is more for those of us, who are already plugged-in. What I mean is – if you show your Freestyle or a combo to a simple person he most likely would say “Wow” to the tricks with proper mod and “Meh” to unbelievably hard combos performed with MX, as a variety of tricks, which are good to be performed with it is very limited. Mostly you can make different sonics and passes with it.

As you may guess my main goal is popularization of pen spinning among the people, as I find it a decent hobby which is undeservedly ignored and unknown in the world. So my choice would not be RSVP MX. Maybe it is more pointful to use in society, where you can’t impress people with power and aerial tricks anymore, but western society is not like this. 99% of people around me have no idea that a human can do such things and the name of our underground hobby doesn’t tell them anything.

And once again – if you are noob in pen spinning DO NOT take this mod as your first and the only one. In 19 times of 20 you would be disappointed with it and maybe with pen spinning in general.

I often hear from people that RSVP MX is a necessary mod for all pen spinners and I strongly don’t agree with this bull shit. Learning tricks and links with it can be a hell of a torture without any fun or rewards. Maybe you may improve smoothness, but it would be much easier and pleasant with metal comssa, Mayu, Nautilus mod, maybe your execution would be improved, too  – but most likely only with such mods as RSVP MX. Because as you get used to it, changing to a heavy mod may cause problems – that’s a subjective thought, I heard about such things a few time, can’t be sure 100% regarding this matter.

As a result, people who use MX’s most likely end up spinning single capped light mods only and to my mind it is wrong as I believe you need to spin different types of mods, each of them gives you different experience and influence on your execution. They may differ in all aspects, but the main common thing should be – centered balance and enough momentum. Single Capped are OK to use only if you know what you do and already have a good skill. They hardly would improve your technique with other mods.

That were some contras regarding RSVP MX, let’s get close to some PRO’s.

1)      This mods are extremely customizable in colors. Wow, so much color schemes, very inserts such colors of grips, very cool! Really, RSVP MX looks nice. I don’t like how it spins, but I really do like how it looks. To perform a nice video with it you should be careful with a background though. It’s so colorful that in most cases it merges with the background, especially if you shoot with a potato camera.

2)      It is easy to make. In most cases RSVP MX’s are recommended for those people who live in United States or in places where Pentel RSVP and HGG pens are available in nearby stationery shops. This way this mod would be very cheap also, all you need is add a colorful insert.

3)      RSVP MX is very close to a simple pen. You may make it writable and use as a pen, also performing some tricks with it. If you want to learn to spin pens, not mods – RSVP MX is one of the best choices for you.

In all other cases I don’t see any good reason for people to have RSVP MX in their collection. As a pretty mod, which is meant to be a cherry on a cake of your mod collection – yes, as a main mod if you like power tricks and don’t want to be a link-nerd – don’t look at its prettiness.

So that were my thoughts regarding RSVP MX. Is it good or bad? There is no such things in variety of pen mods. Famous well-known mods can’t be bad, really, but they also can’t be good for everybody as well. Above you can see my subjective pros and contras of this mod, take them into consideration and decide regarding MX accordingly.

If you think this video was helpful, if you liked it – let me know about that. Leave a comment with your thoughts about this one of the most famous pen mods in a comment section below this video on YouTube. Don’t forget to visit PenStock.net to check out  this and many other pen mods, subscribe to the channel for sure to stay tuned in world of pens. May the style be with you, guys, bye.


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