Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here to show you your first linkage. If you don’t know what a linkage is – go check out the video about basic terms in Pen Spinning, there you will find all the basic information to be ready to continue.

So, as you know – linkages is what any combo or freestyle consists of and sooner you start trying to connect different tricks – faster you get the driving concept of our art. So here is one of the simplest linkages, which I suggest you to start with – it looks like this.

We will link together 2 tricks – Sonic Rise and ThumbAround, so the movement would look like this. In fact there are 3 tricks in this movement – Sonic 34-23 – Sonic 23-12 – TA T1. All of them you should know and if you don’t – go check out the videos in a playlist with Tutorials.

Why did I choose this linkage as the first one for you:

1)      It gives you basic concept of how the tricks connect to each other

2)      The first trick pushes you to develop your pinky, the weak point of any pen spinner. I am pretty sure you haven’t started to learn Sonic 34-23 yet. If you already have – good for you, let me know in the comment section below this video on YouTube. Farther the finger from Thumb – harder to make him move as you need.

OK, so take your pen in slot 34, hold it close to the middle athwart to the floor, you see, one tip of the pen is on the side of your palm, another looks at the floor. Fingers are a little bit folded. Push the pen with your Ring finger and connect Middle and Pinky, making this kind of lock, everything is the same as while you learnt Sonic Normal 23-12, just in other slots. The pen should move from 34 to 23, pinky doesn’t play a big role in this trick, but it has to move, show him, that you’re gonna make him useful at last!

When your mod comes to 23, at the right position for the next Sonic – immediately push it with your Middle. Try to master this link first, practice it till you can make it with as short pause as you can. During performing linkages your pen should move without any stop, it should be one move, one flow.

After Sonic 23-12 is done, the pen is in slot 12 – press it with your Thumb and pull with Index finger, making ThumbAround. When you make Sonic 23-12 your Middle stays up, right, and as you need the pen to move around your Thumb – it should pass the Middle, so fold it and all the rest fingers with the Index.

Don’t forget, that learning of new tricks goes easier with a professionally made pen mod, today you can see Saturn mod in my hand, you can order it and a lot of other mods in the best shop for pen spinners – penstock.net, of course, best pen mods are gathered there as well as other stuff for pen spinners only. Stuff, which you can’t find anywhere else. Wherever you live – you can get what you want, I have delivery all over the world.

Practice this linkage, try to make it smooth and fast. Sure, at first it would look like a bunch of separate tricks, everybody passes this step, keep on practicing and you will make it smooth.


If you think this video was helpful, if you liked it – let me know about that. Subscribe to the channel for sure if you want to know more about pen spinning, check out other playlists – with tricks, with other linkages, with pen mod reviews and others. Watch them in the right order and you wouldn’t get stuck in your progress. May the style be with you, bye.


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